Gilead: Hepatitis-C Access Strategy (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Gilead had come up with an inventive drug for Hepatitis C, which infected 180 million people worldwide.The drug accounted for an amount of $1,000 a pill for the US market. Gilead needed to decide just how to price and market the pill in developing countries that endured the brunt of the illness.

The organization had earned appreciation for its work in the HIV/AIDS domain, where its innovative medicines recently account for 60% of all the patients on Anti-Retroviral (ARV) medicines.

Much of this was realized through generic licensing! Should the company duplicate that strategy for Hepatitis C? If so, how would its US Healthcare customers, who were paying per patient to $84,000, react? Gilead on the other hand, needed to balance the interests of its own investors, who paid $11 billion for an acquisition that resulted inbrand newHepatitis C drug.

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Gilead: Hepatitis-C Access Strategy (A)

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