Post Trauma Stress Disorder Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Project Description
Soldier sare considered aprotective shield of the country. They spend amajor part of their lives in fighting with our enemies. By living in a tough and dangerous condition, they have to defend their nation from enemies along with saving their lives. To protect their nation they sacrifice many things such as no consumption of food for more than three days and being sleep deprived. Furthermore, to fulfill their obligationsthey have to spend time apart from their family.Along with this, they have to follow orders of their commander without justifying any consequences. Due to all these things, a post-trauma stress disorder (PTSD) develops on them.
Post-trauma stress disorder is a mental health condition which develops in a person when the person experienced some shocking, natural catastrophe or dangerous events in their livesafter the trauma they feel afraid.A nightmare, flashback and visions of terrible memories becomes a part of their lives whichaffect their whole life span. Normally the factors which develops trauma in a person aresexual assault, warfare, traffic collision etc.
These are some factors which can develop trauma in any person. However, in this report,we analyze such factors that canaffect mental stability of the soldiers whoare consigned at different mission.
In this report, we analyze the situation of soldiers who are atdifferent missions and the factors which developPTSD on them along with the intensity. After that, we describe some opportunities which can be used to understand the factors behind the development of PTSD in the soldier and the reasons for choosing this topic.
Furthermore, we describe the significance of such topic in general forcompany, department, division and industrieswho appoints retired soldiers. Along with this, we also specificallydefine the organizations whichappointretire soldierand the impact of PTSD on these organization and soldiers, while describing the importance of recommendations over here for such organizations. After an organization overview, we specificallyidentify the issues which maydevelop PTSD in soldiersalong with a discussion that might evolve while describing the issue. Our report consistsof two major parts, project description, and project solution. Projectdescription isup to the identification of issues,after that project solution part will start.
Post Trauma Stress Disorder Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In this part we conduct literature reviewwe analyze the research of different writers and then paraphrase that information in our own wording. After the literature review,we analyze key issueswhich we discover from our research and literature review and describe the rationale of these facts according to our topic.
After analyzing the complete case, we give some recommendation which can be used to address the identified problems and issues. Inlast report,there are some references which describe the sources we used to complete our research. These references increase the credibility ofourreport.
Purpose of the Study
Problem Statement
Post-trauma stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition which normally develops onpeopleswho experience a scary, shocking or dangerous event in their lives.After experiencing trauma, people feel afraid like they have anightmare, flashbacks or terrible memoryafter some dangerous or unusual events happened around them.Military soldiers and other emergency workers are mostly affected by PTSD because they work in dangerous conditions..............

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