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Every organization faces an uphill task to cope up when it faces management desolation. In this study the entrepreneur encounters similar issues. The entrepreneur is unknown to the management side of the business and this resulted in the desolation of communication and other factors for an organization to run at its full potential. Employee catering is an important task that should be realized by the entrepreneur and the communication barrier should be removed. This can be achieved through a systematic approach.

First and foremost the employer should leave aside the entrepreneurial stance taken. This will help in better flow of information and analysis of the situation and will increase the involvement of the employees. Currently the employer has no technical knowledge of the business industry that the organization caters and even then the employer is willing to implement the diversification strategy in the organization. The employer should involve more with the senior engineers when keeping in mind the organizational movement towards industry penetration no matter whether it’s vertical or horizontal integration.

The employer is unable to cope up with the management issues; therefore the employer should hire HR personnel so that cost and time effective hiring can take place. First step in the hiring procedure should be to create different departments such as finance marketing and accounts so that statistical analysis of the decision can be made. This will significantly help the employer in gaining the trust of employees on different decision that he takes.

The employer should ask the HR people to create a hierarchy in the organization to make the flow of communication better by reducing communication barriers. The employees should involve in different brainstorming sessions to further evaluate diverse ideas presented by the employer such as the diversification strategy that he wanted to implement. Involvement of the employees from different hierarchal tiers should also be taken into account by the employer in the overall decision making of the organization. This is the solution for low involvement of the employees in the decision making process.

One of the major decisions that may have worked as a trigger for other problems was the acquiring of an existing engineering firm. The employer in this regard went against the advice of the senior engineers that created negative attitude of employees towards the employer. Decision such as the one above requires collaboration of employees from different tiers in order to make it an effective one.

The management will also face an uphill task to cope with both the employer and the employee’s satisfaction. Conflict management will also have to be implemented. Informational link will be hard to establish due to the fact that the engineers are more experienced than the employer and can provide more knowledge on the technical related issues which the organization faces.  The employer has to keep aside the entrepreneurial stance and treat it as a business that he has to run with the help of the employees as he lacks information regarding the organization’s industry.

Following are the pros and cons of the proposed strategy.


  • The strategy will help the employer tackle the issues in a better way and will increase organizational performance.
  • The strategy will help to better serve the employees on all tiers.
  • Communication barrier will be minimized.
  • Employees’ involvement will increase which will eradicate the negative attitude and feelings.
  • Evaluation of performance can be achieved through the proposed strategy.
  • Employee satisfaction will be improved.
  • Delegation of power to different tiers will help in improving the performance.
  • Implementation will be high on cost.
  • Decentralization will result in weakening of the administration.
  • Strategy may not yield desired results due to employer’s attitude problem.
  • Employees may resist the change that will occur.


The pros and cons depict that there may be fruitful future lies ahead for the organization as the pros outweighs the cons. Certainly there are many unseen events that may arise but it is the responsibility of the management to cope up with these problems and provide a smooth roadmap to the employees of the organization. It is the responsibility of the managers to make the employees work effectively and efficiently whereas; an entrepreneur only provides a direction to the direction.


The employer should assign the managers with various duties that should include task oriented as well as people oriented duties. Establishing a clear set of duties for the managers will help them to deal with the organizational related issues in a more effective manner.................................

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