Plavix: Drugs in the Age of Personalized Medicine Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

PIavix, one of the best selling drugs in the world in 2010, seems to have a limited future. His patent was due to expire in the near future and recently new data were found which indicated that a small portion of the population will be at risk of stroke, heart attack or even death if they took PIavix. As a result, FDA added a black box warning, the agency's most serious - on the label of Plavix in 2010. Furthermore, it was found that the overall combination of Plavix and Prilosec, over-the-counter medications can adversely affect patients. Finally, Plavix faced new competition from two new drugs with different mechanisms of action. This case is recent history Plavix more encouraged to discuss the following questions: How can the current manufacturers of Plavix deal with these emerging threats to their top blockbuster? How can Plavix potential competitors use a mixed history Plavix to their advantage? As genotyping be integrated into medical care of patients in the light of new knowledge? "Hide
by Richard G. Hamermesh, Mara G. Aspinall, Rachel Gordon, 14 pages. Publication Date: October 22, 2010. Prod. #: 811001-PDF-ENG

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Plavix: Drugs in the Age of Personalized Medicine

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