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For the project management, various attempts have been done on various occasions to express the true image of principles and practices. Once again, there have been no writings and expression that can be considered as the conclusion of these principles and practices of project management. Whereas there is not any concluding consensus on these principles although every individual who manages the project has his defined principles. As a result, the foundation of the project management is weak. On the other side of the coin, there is abundance of literature based upon the resources that is used in project management. There are various researches which have been made on how project can be done under better circumstances with the given resources. Hence, there are several principles that can be followed to complete the project accordingly.


Platinum is a company that provides insurance services. It is located in London. The company is currently situated in the old building that has 6 month lease to expire, and before expiration of the lease, Platinum wants to relocate its business in new building. This new building is located in Bracknell that is 60KM outside of London. The management of the company wanted to make feasibility report for the project using the internal resources. To use the internal resources, there is a need to understand the principles of the project management that will be the base for the project that has to be completed in six months time. Following are the several principles that can be used to improve the likelihood of your project success.

  1. Business Rational: Before starting the project, the rationales must be identified by the superior management that what will be the returns of this investment. In other words, there is a need to understand about the benefits that the project will bring, and these benefits should be analyzed before incurring any expenses. During the project life, it can result in dropping the project as there are events that define that the project is no longer feasible to generate the returns on invested capital. If this happens then the project will immediately be stopped.
  1. Defined roles and responsibilities: The project roles and responsibilities must be defined to everyone who is working in the project. All the human resource, those that are a part of the project must understand the level of involvement such as, what are the responsibilities they have, and whom they have to report? If there are no such defined roles and responsibilities, then the project will jeopardized. In this scenario, nobody knows that what he/she is supposed to do.
  2. Manage by exception: The sponsors must avoid getting entangled into project running under day-to-day activities. They must allow the project manager to run the project. They must create the limits regarding the cost and timing under which the project will be completed. These limitations of cost and time must be defined to the project manager that will bring along the quality and on these constraints the project must be completed. The deliverables must be defined under these limitations, which will be achieved when the project is successfully completed.
  3. Manage by stages: The project should be break down in small tasks, which would be further break down into small chunk of activities. Doing this would eliminate or lower the risks.
  4. Product Focused: Project deliverables should be aligned with the client’s perspective and focused with customers’ need. Before project could be started, the deliverables must be defined and through these defined deliverables, it would be clearer to complete the project within time duration.
  5. Learn from experience: Learn from the mistake those have been identified during the project. Then this experience is incorporated into the project, which eventually helps the management to overcome the future risks.
  6. Tailor to suit the environment: The project methodology adopted for the project must be scalable with the project. As opposed to blindly following a methodology, the project manager must have the capacity to adjust procedures in order to meet the demands of the work under control. How you anticipate a two-week project is prone to be very different from how you anticipate a two-year project.

These above principle and practices defined earlier should be managed by the Eric Els, who is the project manger of the Platinum. Eric should break down the project into different activities such as given below in appendices of the diagram. The project is divided into three tasks and managers are appointed to administer these tasks. For the Business Process and Modeling, the project manager Eric Els is leading this task himself. For the purpose of procurement, the manager is BJ Singh and for the testing phase of the project, the manger appointed is Ronnie Goosen who is actually the IT Director. BJ Singh is also the legal ........................

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