PGSM MBA-MKT600 MARKETING Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Threat of new entrants is high

The threat of new entrant is high because opening such a company is not very much costly. In this competitive environment, many businesses basically outsource the different operations and focus on their core competencies. In this event planning, companies in this industry focus on being creative as much as they can so that they can differentiate themselves from their competitors. In order to enter in event planning, companies in this particular industry do not required to spent a huge capital other than music systems, dslr cameras , LEDs and other material required for decoration purposes. These all items are of one time purchase therefore entering in this industry is definitely not costly as compared to the other industries. Moreover, there are no legal barriers which will create hurdles for a business. Present of recession may even not affect the business in a serious manner because marriages and corporate events for sure and round the calendar.

Bargaining power of buyers is medium

The bargaining power of client in this industry is medium because they have a range of event planners available to select but serious hurdles are expected for them due to the high level of importance of the event. Client may not give the contract to the one who is new or in experienced in the market, therefore the bargaining power of the client remains medium ( Bleicher,2004).

Bargaining power of suppliers is medium

The bargaining power of supplier is medium because a company can switch to any supplier but this also depends on the supplied material category. For example, if a company is supplied food item by a certain company so a business may try its level best to  engage with that supplier in order to maintain the taste and quality of the food. Here a company may face an issue but in this competitive environment, they have multiple options to switch as well. Out sourcing is done on the strategic basis therefore a supplier tries his level best to avoid unnecessary negotiation because it may result in the loss pf a potential buyer or customer who is the actual company.

Degree of competitive rivalry is high

The degree of competitive rivalry is high especially in a country like India that has a population of over 1.2 billion. In India there is an enormous level of competition present in this industry because of cheap labor, corporate growth and a lot of trend for marriages. Some big giants like Red Event Private Limited, which operates on a global level is also present there but due to the element of cost, individual and corporate customers may not select these giant companies. India is considered a poor country because of it has the biggest slum in the world so this element cannot be neglected at all.

Threat of substitution is high

Threat of substitute is high because events can be planned without the event planners. Although, the element of being a specialist will be missing but companies do have their managers and executives to plan all of their events. When we talk about an individual’s event or marriage planning so they can plan such events on their own because planning a marriage without experts’ advice is not a difficult task at all.

Value chain analysis

Inbound logistics

Inbound logistics is the most important process of logistics, which ponder on purchasing and positioning the inbound activities of different supplies that move towards them from suppliers to the warehouse and to the event point. Furthermore, the inbound logistics system of Wed-Corp comprises of proper flow on all internal issues regarding logistics and supply chain (LeBlanc 2013).


To better supervise the operations in the company, Wed-Corp will try its level best to perk up upon the technology within its company. The Wed-Corp frequently looks to strictly improve the standard operation that needs to be followed on a daily basis in the company; which includes transportation issues, technological issues and other standard operating procedures. Along with this, Wed-Corp will also be concerned about maintaining the smooth flow of operations by using strictly operational procedures.................................

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