Bio-Vert: Green to What Limit? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Bio-Vert is a prominent Canadian product of eco-cleaning commodities made by Quebec-based Savons Prolav. Run by a sister and brother team, Savons Prolav bases its products on their vision, including eco- effectiveness, affordability and friendliness.

This discussion considers how Savons Prolav can stay competitive in this industry segment that is tough while preserving its environmental emphasis. This case emphasizes on the pressures that an SME with powerful environmental worth faces in a competitive marketplace. It carries a portrait of the cleaning products industry, consumer routines with regards to eco-friendly goods, along with a background of the provincial socio-environmental event that activated increased demand for eco-friendly cleaning products in Quebec. The history, business model and core values of savons Prolav are discussed together with potential growth alternatives. Details on connected social industry and promotion standpoints are given to lead the reader through the benefits and disadvantages inherent to each chance.

PUBLICATION DATE: December 18, 2012 PRODUCT #: W12403-HCB-ENG

This is just an excerpt. This case is about STRATEGY & EXECUTION

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Bio-Vert: Green to What Limit?

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