Wolfgang Keller At Königsbräu-Tak Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


This case introduces Konigsbrau-Tak, a Ukrainian Subsidiary of Konigsbrau A.G, a German company established and operating out of Munich, which was engaged in the manufacture of premium quality brew, with its annual sales amounting to 10.3 billion euros. Additionally, it was known as one of the best managed and profitable brew manufacturers in the world, which gained its market share, through the implementation of effective strategies and production processes, enabling them to create a products differentiation in the market. This, in turn, had increased its profitability or annual revenues. Furthermore, it can be evaluated from the case that the Ukrainian subsidiary was established just twelve years prior with its chairman Vladimir Antonov and Wolfgang Keller appointed as its managing director, where Wolfgang Keller was highly recognized in the market, as a hand on manager, with the ability to turnaround ailing organization. The reputation was gained through practical implementation, in which, he turned around two organizations in the past that were facing turmoil. However, prior to Keller’s appointment as Managing Director of Konigsbrau Subsidiary, the company initially incurred losses amounting to 2.9 million Euros with revenues around 116 million Euros, where Keller’s appointment helped in turning around the losses faced by this organizations in three years in which the overall profitability of the company increased in the market. He incorporated various Ad-hoc strategies in which he proposed to develop better relations with peers, employees and he recognized the fact that maintaining strong relationships with the distributors was the key to success for any Brew manufacturing company. Therefore, these initiatives taken by Keller helped the company to improve its financial condition. However, certain issues began with the appointment of Dmitri Brodsky, as the Director of Commercial department, who was responsible for the entire marketing and sales function of the company. Brodsky was a highly experienced individual, who had prior experience of working with huge organization. However, his style of management differed from Keller’s style, as he employed a more hand on and informal approach and that Brodsky was prone towards maintaining his distance and employed a formal and conservative approach. This, in turn, caused many quarrels and heated discussions between the two, especially on appraisal evaluations and meeting.

Wolfgang Keller At Königsbräu-Tak Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

What is your analysis of the situation facing Keller as he returns from Brazil?

After analyzing the case, it can be determined that Keller was facing an intense situation as he was returning from his two months long official assignment, whichraised concerns and annoyed Keller, as he believed that the management style adopted by Brodsky was indifferent to the strategies of the company. The strategy proposed by Keller was to establish strong relationships with peers, employees and especially distributors, as this could hold the key to the success of the brewery in the market. The distributors played an important role in getting the premium beer product to the Bars, Pubs and vendor, which had an impact on the sales of the company. Therefore, the different management style of Brodsky annoyed Keller, as he believed that Brodsky lacked motivation and efficient leadership skills...............

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Wolfgang Keller At Königsbräu-Tak

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