People Management, Mantra For Success: Case Of Singhania And Partners Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


As the case states, Singhania Partners needs to structure people management system that not only can overcome the high attrition rate but also handle the situation of increasing competitors due to liberalization of economy. The main focus of the company is also on retention of employees and its relationship IHRM policies; moreover, also toanalyze the many aspects of employees’ motivation, retention, and knowledge and tries to measure its effects on avoiding retention. Some of the other problems include too much focus on people, allowing people to take company for granted, liberalization of economy, too many rewards and retention, and no proper structure of the people management system in order to manage the attrition rate.


In the 1990s, the Indian legal services industry has been booming since the country’s economic liberalization. The growth strategy of the company is to attend by an acute talent crunch, the ability to hire, retain talent and gain competitive advantage and a mantra for success. The key capability factors of the law firms’ are the knowledge, skills, abilities and capacity of its employees.

Effective human resource management is highly important for the law firms because competitive labor market are increasing across the world. The firms are required to develop creative approaches to the recruitment and reward of the employees. International human resource management practice include recruitment and selection, cross cultural adoption, evaluation and compensation, benefits, and management development effects of international assignments.

Singhania and Partners apply all these practices and principles in order to satisfy their employees and retain them. Management development affects of international assignments, leading the company to face many challenges by managers. However, retaining employees are the key factors of the company. The organization displayed and encouraged motivation, great opportunity to learn and build confidence, learn knowledge and skills, and grow within the organization.


In order to solve problems of the company, and drive possible solution, it is important to analyze the situation according SWOT analysis and PEST analysis.


A major strength of the company that it considers people as it’s core asset and gives people preferences over processes. The company gives importance to it’s people and considers them first priority. Moreover, the other strengths include good working environment, providing flexibility in working hours to their employees in order to create balance between their family and work life. They also motivate their employees by evaluating the employees’ performance and reward them via promotions, bonuses and allowances. Apart from that performance review on the basis of need and not annually.


One of the major weakness of the company is that it allows its people to take company for granted as people expect to join back with ease. The weaknesses also include high attrition rate of people and too much focus on people. Furthermore, too much expenditure on resources, which could make the company to face problems in the near future. The company should propose a strategy to overcome these weaknesses in order to gain competitive advantage.


The company can expand its business across the world because it is limited in United States. Moreover, there is an opportunity to reduce overall costs and increased profits margins and revenues.


A major threat of the company is its competitors, the company should develop a strategy to cope up with its competitors and gain competitive edge. Moreover, a threat of high attrition rate and due to liberalization of economy many foreign competitors are expected to come in India.


PEST analysis help the company to conduct an in-depth analysis and drive a possible solution to deal problems.

Political Factors:

According to the Indian Advocates Act of 1961, foreign law firms are not allowed to open offices in India and also are prohibited to give any legal advice that constitute the practices of Indian law. The act also prevents the foreign law firms and lawyers to establish office in India. However, foreign competitors are expected to come in India due to liberalization of economy.

people management, mantra for success case of singhania and partners Case Solution

Economic Factors:

Due to the liberalization of Indian economy, the country face with the shortage of quality lawyers means shortage of legal professionals. High competition is arising in the India due to liberalization of economy.

Social Factors:

The people are more committed toward the good pay and may switch to another job, if they find the job more valuable with high salary..............

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