Partners Healthcare System (PHS): Transforming Health Care Services Delivery Through Information Management Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question 03

The IS Unit approach to the architectural design was an effort to the strategic approach towards the Information System unit staffing, planning and research and the use of the overall information technology architecture to support the Partners Healthcare System (PHS) organization and its wider end-user base. The architectural based solution was based on the Partners Healthcare System (PHS) existing standards and architecture. The reason why it was deployed was it has the capacity to use the full potential of the organizations, prevalent technologies, processes and the technical expertise in a fashion that is already used by the organization. It also facilitates the Information technology department in the integration, maintenance and after implementation support to the systems intact.

The Information System architectural design was of great help to the current system and departments due to the ability of being knowledgeable about both the medical credentials and also the business management credentials. This helped in the pursuit of a common strategic goal with stability and consistency, dividing the responsibility of each unit within Partners Healthcare System (PHS). It helped in retention of the best personnel on the key positions of the organization. In addition to that, it facilitated the health care units to show active presence on the C-Level and also the coherence of the existing Information Technology department with that of the business.

In addition to that, the Information System’s architectural design at the enterprise level helps the Partners Healthcare System (PHS) in the organization and adaptability of the new and innovative Information technology solutions. It helps Partners Healthcare System (PHS) to achieve the usage of Information Technology in the in several hospitals and other health care units, each having their individual customer facing CIO. Its implementation requires the Information system to focus on meticulous systems that are pervasive in the world of health care practitioners. This will help everybody authorized to access the data repositories any time they want to.

Question 04

The Information system’s use of the Research and Development Centers did make a lot of effort to promote the new system to the management in a way that is practically acceptable to them through the use of financial reinforcements. The research and development centers helped in the assessment of the factors that contribute to or against the towards the management’s acceptability to the new system. The new management information system was a robust introduction to the traditional ways of doing reporting as it was fast and efficient. The research and development highlighted factors that must be incorporated to the launch of the new information system to help the doctors manage information in a more automated manner who were already linked to the Partners Healthcare System (PHS). This suggestion was inclusive of doctors who are visited the patients in different venues and also the specialty departments. Of course this helped in the contribution of the initial success to the ongoing value of the newly implemented longitudinal medical record system and the Computerized Patient Order Entry system.

Question 05

a.      PHS Management

The management at Partners Healthcare System (PHS) was reluctant to adopt the new information system. It intervened in the routine set up of the doctors that were initially carried out manually; all from collection of the patient profile to the collection and up-to-date therapies along with the cost associated with each of the therapy. In addition to that, doctors were used to of writing the prescription manually but the new system asked to type notes down for each of the patient. As this manual typing was a medical practice, hence, the change which the management information system demanded was complicated to implement and it was required that the organization developed a training team, who would teach employees about the dos and don’ts of the new system.

b.      PHS health care practitioners

On contrary to the Partners Healthcare System (PHS) management, the Partners Healthcare System (PHS) Health care practitioners seem interested in the adopting the new information technology. However, some practitioners who were not interested should be trained regarding the benefits of the new information system. Thus, the training should focus primarily on making the new technology user-friendly to those who are technology averse and give them motivation by quoting examples of the early adopters..........................

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