Operations Management Assignment Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question 1

As in life cycle process, the company first enters into an introduction phase, then the growth of a particular products starts after that the product goes to maturity stage and then the decline stage where the product generates less or negative cash flows.

The Job Shop process includes the need to produce different range of products in different quantities. Job shops normally include the businesses that perform the production of custom parts for other companies. This type of process is most appropriate at introduction phase because the company needs to grow at this time and it will have to increase its revenues and also its customer base by signing as many contracts with enterprises. The advantage of this type of process is that these businesses only perform customization and that’s why they may have small production runs also.

Batch process includes the manufacturing of heavy equipment and this type of process will mainly fall under growth phase because the company will now have at least a continuous stream of cash flows after its research and development, and this is the time that the company will have to make its presence known in the market in order to stay in business.

Secondly, in the line flow process the operations repeated. It can be termed as mass production and it is mostly performed in the maturity phase because the after incurring huge expenses the company now want to generate some revenues by fulfilling the demands of customers on a huge scale. The companies mostly do this by piling up the stock in order to provide the customer with a product at the time he places an order. By doing this the company mainly rely on its existing product lines most of the times.

Despite this, the continuous flow includes standardized production and the processes in this type of process are linked with each other. It includes the volume of production at a very high level, it also requires a very high capital expenditure so it can be considered under growth phase respectively.       

Question 2

Green’s plant manager is provided with a latest forecast about the product sales for the upcoming year. As per the situation she has to fulfill the demand of the required products. Hence, in order to overcome the demand line’s cycle time will be 60hours/week and the efficiency of the 5 work stations will be 12hours/station.

Question 3


As per the current situation the output of the first stage together takes 7 minutes/unit of output. Which seems to be greater than the time taken by the new machine because Sam is considering to install a new machinein order to complete the tasks with full ease.

Therefore, the difference of time taken between the existing machine and the new machine is 2 minutes per unit of output because as per the exhibits the total time taken by the 2 stage process is 7 minutes per unit of output and the time taken in total by new machine will be 5 minutes per unit of output. Thus, the flow time per widget will be 2 minutes per unit of output. As a result, the total widgets per week will increase from 343 units to 480 units and the total markup per week will be $411 respectively.

Question 4


(a) The customers currently come in at the rate of 4 per hour and on average 8 cars are waiting to be processed hence the time for which the customers will have to wait is for 2 hours.

(b) In order to resolve the issue of long waiting times, the owner should allocate two hoists, one for routine repairs and one for major repairs. As per the exhibits the time taken by routine repairs will reduce to1.5 per hour and the time taken by major repairs will reduce to 3 per hour. Hence, under routine repairs each customer will have to wait for 1.67 per hour and under major repairs each customer will have to wait for 3 per hour.

(c) By the introduction of a new system the average waiting time over all customers is 3.2 per hour approximately as per the exhibits.

Question 5

The average time for which the customer has to in the queue is 1.67 per hour respectively..............

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