Odebrecht: Dreaming The Client’s Dreams Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-2178 © 2011
Leleux, Benoit F.; Glemser, Anne-Catrin

When Marcelo Odebrecht was designated in the executive direction of Odebrecht in the year 2009, he understood that he would have to light his own beacon for the company. This indicated he might rely and include on the assistance of significant entrepreneur-partners of the company in specifying enthusiastic yet obtainable targets for the company.
Odebrecht Dreaming The Client’s Dreams Case Study Solution

Such forecasts would carry an echo of lavish for any other corporation; for Odebrecht, these were basic linear projections of the business's efficiency over the preceding 10 years, throughout which the company grew its profits at an annualized rate of over 21% ... Odebrecht likewise aimed to end up being a design of sustainable advancement and socio-environmental obligation. These financial investments set the tune for the company in the 2nd years of the century. Was Odebrecht all set to manage another enormous bout of development?

Subjects: Family business; Governance; Emerging markets; Brazil; Growth management; Sustainability; Environmental responsibility; CSR; Ethanol; Renewable resources; Biofuels; Green plastics; Entrepreneurial leadership
Settings: Brazil; Latin America ; Construction; Engineering; Petrochemicals; Oil & Gas; Real Estate; Agribusiness ; 100’000 employees, USD 23 billion revenues in 2009 ; 2010

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Odebrecht: Dreaming The Client’s Dreams

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