Oberoi Hotels- Train Whistle in the tiger reserve Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Oberoi Hotels is exceptionally known for providing high quality hotel services and customer care all around India which started when Mr. M.S. Oberoi launched East India Hotels Limited (EIHL) in 1948. The company has intended and provided fordelight, and to serve its customers with different, excellent and outclass services. The COO of company has contemplated to satisfy its current and potential customers. The company is financially and operationally strong, thus the service model has been designed in a manner so that the executives and staff knows about the new customer’s background as well as their likes and dislikes. Factually, despite of these service standards, there has been many satisfied customers with an organizational objective of 0% Customer dissatisfaction.

The company is trying to manage and resolve the currentincident which arosein 2014,when the guest had departed after two nights, when he had reserved three nights; the reason was of the guestbeing bothered by the train’s soundin his tent,which was passing through the nearby village.The COO has recognized that it has become necessarily important to maintain and achieve the premium brand of company because these incidents might set dangerous precedents of the hotel group and will lead to their quality diminishing.

Problem Statement:

The company’s current standardized service model for managing incidents is weaker due to increased demands and consumer inflow. The company requires to design the approaches to continuousimprovement, employee management and the service competition dynamics in a rapidly growing market.

Oberoi Hotels- Train Whistle in the tiger reserve Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Strategy/Solution Analysis:

The company had effective management structure, thereby it had organized its management hierarchy. The employees have been steering an organization towards meeting the common objectives of company. The overall management approach of the company includes evaluating performance of employees, initiate training and skill development programs and keepingbalance between personal life and professional work. Also, the company has taken feedback from its customers and suggestions from employees in order to accelerate the growth of the company in the long run.

For Oberoi to remain competitive in respect with the satisfaction of customers, the company should focus on developing effective strategies; such as being flexible with the market trend and to serve the customer base by time to time improving and upgrading standards from the reservation time till the check-out of the guests from hotel, however the company had presumably developed strategies, it would help the company to sustain in highly competitive arena (Martin Reeves, 2012).

Alternative 1:

Even though, the company has been compensating its employees, which had help in ensuring that the pay level are equitable internally and competitive externally, the company should either use point factor salary structure based on internal pay equity or market pricing by using external market data in order to motivate its workforce on continual basis.It would allow the company to have skill development and reward performance. The management theory of theory X and theory Y is effective in terms of providing incentives to those lacking ambition. On the other hand, the management can presume that the people are self-controlled and self-directed in the achievement of the objectives of company to the degree they are primarily committed to those common goals. By doing so, they would collaboratively work to improve the service quality and thus to satisfy the customers.(Roberge, 2015)....................

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