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Founded in 1983, Northwest Arkansas Rape Crisis center is a private non-profit organization provides support and hope to the adult rape victims and constantly working for a safer future through education awareness. It is also starting as an all-volunteer organization committed to the listening to Arkansans in crisis 24 hours a day and respond actively, in order to provide quality services to the sexual assault victims. The center focuses on the critical issue of the assaulted person by assisting them with what needed the most for them and in addition to that promotes community awareness for support, and serve as a catalyst for social change.

Sexual assault is the non-consensual sexual intercourse that includes the use of threat of force, violence, unlawful bodily injury or threats of future retaliation. Women who are sexually assaulted may suffer serious health issues such as stomach problem, ongoing pain, and infectious diseases. Moreover, they are at risk of emotional problems, such as, anxiety, depression, suicide, and post-traumatic stress disorder. The staff and volunteers of the NWA are judgmental, encouraging and energetic; their basic purpose is to provide relief to the sexual assault victims.

The center will be rebranded as “The Northwest Arkansas Center for Sexual Assault” effective July 1st to reflect the new services and support to the victims and aiming to get a broader reach and awareness. The rebranding of NWA will provide more information and helping members of our community to increase their awareness of the problem, thereby increase their security. This project emphasizes the details of the branding plan for the organization.


Our Mission is to provide an opportunity of free advocacy services to the sexually abused victims along with their families and friends. The ultimate purpose of preventing this type of sexual crime is through awareness and education.


Our vision is to stop sexual assault, domestic and family violence.


The U.S. Congress passed two laws related to violence against women on the basis of sexual assault and sexual abuse, The Violence against Women Act and The Family Violence Prevention and Services Act.

According to the Violence against Woman Act, Government agencies and victim advocates work together to fight domestic violence, sexual assault, women abuse, and other types of violence against women. This law creates new punishments for sexual crimes and started a program to prevent such crimes and help victims in order to survive from these issues.

According to the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act, the main federal helps families by providing funds to the domestic victims and their dependents. The programs are funded and supported through FVPSA provides shelter, clothes, and related help to the victims.


Rebranding focuses on reflect its Strategic Goals/Objectives of the organization as follows:

Improvising Organizational Health:

Objective 1: The main objective is to provide relief to distressed victims that experienced or experiencing sexual abuse, assault, sexual violence or domestic violence. Support all victims or survivors in the NWA area to access appropriate services.

Objective 2: To create respectable society changing norms and values to protect youth and adult to prevent sexual violence.

Best Practice Free Services:

Objective 1: To make sure every survivor receives free quality services to help them move on and start a new life to thrive in the world and to have a successful life. Provide counseling programs for perpetrators and self-help groups for survivors.

Objective 2: To provide high quality training and development, support, services, supervision, and continuous professional development to all staff, volunteers and trainers that will further progress the purpose of the organization to achieve its aim and objective.

Nwa Center For Sexual Assault Rebranding Case Solution

Effective Outreach and Education:

Objective 1: Educate our community regarding the facts of sexual assault is very key to break through the culture of rape to build a safer environment for everyone in the community.

Objective 2: Effective outreach requires strong partnerships with the local healthcare providers, law enforcement officials to provide an effective Frontline assistance to the survivors.


Sexual violence, whether assault or abuse is a serious public health and human rights problems with both short term and long term consequences on women’s physical, sexual, mental and reproductive health. Sexual assault on men or women is deeply violating and painful experience for victims and survivors. According to the U.S. Department of justice, an American is sexually assaulted every 2 minutes and totaling an average of 238,000 individuals over 12 years of age each year. Therefore the purpose is to provide free, confidential and advocacy services to the women and teenagers regardless of race, ethnicity, sexuality and other discriminatory services..................

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