INDUSTRIAL SAFETY Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Industrial Safety is required to maintain in any industry to eliminate or minimize the possible chances of accidents that can happen within the industry’s environment. In any industry, Safety of both working employers and safety of working machines are most important concern. That’s why there are certain rules and precautions that must be taught and maintained with discipline. Otherwise if the industrial safety rules and safety measures are not taken, it would result in permanent disability and even death of any human working or present in an industry’s environment and can give heavy damage to equipment and machineries. There are several important safety measures associated with the industrial safety (i.e. human health safety and machine safety) that should be taken care off.

  • Aisles, Exits, Floors, Doors and Building Structure:

It should be make sure that the aisle should be minimum 44 inches wide at any time. Exits should be properly highlighted, marked and directed from every part inside the industry. The floor surfaces must kept clean, dry and non-sticky every time. Also the floor surfaces also should be distinguished by color or signs as according to its use e.g. for walkways, for wires or machines/equipment’s running passage etc. The Doors present inside the industry should also be stable and strong i.e. locks on it should work perfectly and the doors works without any difficulty or resistance. Apart from all above important mentioned precautions, there is building structure which also has important impact on maintaining safe industry. Ceilings should be not damaged. Tiles surfaces of the building should also be not loosely fitted and missing.

  • Compressed Gas Cylinders:

All the gas cylinders that are present in an industry should be properly labelled and marked so that it can be known to the person that which particular type of gas is actually present in which particular gas container. Those cylinders which contain flammable type of gas present in it should be kept far from heat or fire source to a permissible distance. Some gas cylinders and gas types are very sensitive to physical pressure or physical disturbance so these gas cylinders should be placed on levelled ground, stored upright and chained with protective cap.


  • Fire Emergency and Prevention:

All fire extinguishers that are placed inside the industry should have current inspection dates and should be fully filled. Most importantly that the fire extinguishers should be placed on significant emergency and accessible spots in an industry. These should be clearly visible and properly mounted on necessary positions. Also Fire Emergency doors, windows and exits are also necessary to have in an established industry. Apart from those, there should be Fire Alarms and Automatic Sensor Showers i.e. Fire Sprinkler Heads on important positions should be installed in an industry where more chances of fire is possible.

  • Security Measures:

It also comes in the industrial safety and health safety that the security of both human and machine should be should be taken care off inside the industry. Each and every employer should must have proper ID badges present with him all the time in his duty timing.  Also the contractors, vendors and even visitors (outsiders) also have passes and ID badges present with them. CCTV Cameras should also installed on significant locations and live time activities should be recorded so that after any hazardous activity the actual cause and reason should be traced out by watching the actual captured video by the help of CCTV cameras.

  • Clean Air and Water Act Compliance:

Any flammable liquid, fuel and spirit type substance which is present inside an industry should be properly covered and capped so that its vapor fumes cannot comes out into the industry’s environment and air. The solvent dispensing containers, drums, bottles and vessels should be closed after its use and should be left open when it’s not use because of the fact that air combustion happens faster in air as compared to liquid. No chemically contaminated and combustive liquid waste should be dumped off in general sewers or sinks. Also it is also important to regularly look after few weeks or months the pipes, pumps, hoses and valves of leaks and defects.

INDUSTRIAL SAFETY Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



  • Markings on Electrical Equipment and Proper Groundings:

The marking on electrical appliances and equipment is vital for industry usage. The markings that tells a user its state should be clearly made and visible on them. The wirings should be made proper and electrical panel should be in easy access. The equipment’s with high voltage needs proper grounding, so it should be verified that they are isolated from the environment and have in good shape. Most of the appliances needs extension wires to work so it should also be checked that they are in good repair. The electrical appliances should also be placed in a wide space so that moving them and working on them for any user is easy..................

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