Norsk Hydro: Bloc 34 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-1282 © 2003
Fischer, William A.; Boynton, Andrew; Crawford, Robert

Hydro had actually made a major financial investment in Bloc 34; and now required to recuperate in the eyes of the financial investment neighborhood. If they might not describe it; and preserve the monetary neighborhood's self-confidence; Hydro's stock might drop.
Norsk Hydro Bloc 34 Case Study Solution

Norsk Hydro required to react effectively and quickly; and senior management comprehended that this issue was too vital to leave to traditional methods. Hydro; nevertheless; was abundant in heritage; unwieldy; and standard; with a strong engineering culture and an extremely Nordic consensus-driven method to choices.

Subjects: Virtuoso team; Project management
Settings: Norway; Angola; Offshore petroleum exploration; 2002 revenues: 163 billion Norwegian Kroner (US$ 20 billion); 2002

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