NIMBLE STORAGE Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Case Overview

Maheshwari and Mehta are the founders of Nimble storage Inc. Before starting Nimble, they both were associated with other companies where they considered as the storage gurus. Nimble solution is a recovery and data backup company. Moreover, Maheshwari was a person who architected they key parts of the Data Domain file system. On the other hand, the company was successful for 10 years in the storage players market in which it competed against its competitors which include Net App and EMC. However, the company has pitched a two phase products. The first product would work with EMC and Net App as an accelerator on its front end and the second product is one that strive openly against them.

This case discusses the overall history of the company which highlights the era of success that the company achieved through performing different tools and techniques. This case also explains the rapid growth of the company which it achieved in the Silicon Valley through its startup storage program. The success of the company is based on the three characters which include Paul Whitney, CEO Suresh Vasudevan and the president of Human Resource. This case evaluates the initiatives that CEO and president of the company takes in order to satisfy the need of the company. The main objective of the company is to spread it hybrid storage system all over the world through that it improves the performance of the company. On the other hand, the company also became the number one billion dollar company in three years with its stated goals. The CEO and president of the company observed that the people strategy would not help the company in achieving its short term and long term goals. Moreover, after analyzing the performance of the company, the management team decided that if the company wants to achieve success in the market, then it is necessary for them to focus on its short term and long term goals which help them in achieving its economic of scales in the market.

Lastly, the case study highlights the new launch of the company which it introduced in the market in order to achieve its steady business growth. In this case many issues raises regarding the future business growth and foreign expansion. The main question that arise for the company is how they might affects the initiatives of the peoples through its going forward approach.


The company has faced various issues in achieving its targeted goal. The main issue that the company has faced is limited server DRAM (0.1% of disk). This limited server DRAM affects the performance of all level users which include Facebook, Oracle, Yahoo, Cadence and Peak Stream. On the other hand, the performance of the servers overwhelmed due to the storage capacity. However, the company also faced issues Terabyte scaling issues which affects the storage capacity of the company. The first mistake that the company made is that it rely on flash as they considered flash as its performance medium. Along with this, the company maintains all flash array without the ease of operation, data management and other related things that are associated with the company’s goals and objectives.

The biggest challenge that the company faced is that how should it start its operation from zero and then reach to the several billion dollar by cannibalizing its product brands. The challenging question for the company is that how will it manage its transactions which would help in maintaining its potential position in the market. Moreover, the company also faced issues in its Human Resource department. The primary objective of the company is to create value for the company by focusing on accountability, initiatives, integrity, collaboration, teamwork, and listening. However, the company also wants to achieve success in its supply of talent, culture and system and infrastructure......................

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