InterfaceRAISE: Sustainability Consulting Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

InterfaceRAISE is a sustainability management consulting business created to leverage the capabilities of its parent company Interface Inc., a carpet maker recognized as a worldwide leader in corporate environmental sustainability. This case exemplifies the challenges of turning an internal capability into a customer, facing revenue stream. This is made particularly challenging by the truth that the parent company is a manufacturing business and InterfaceRAISE is a professional services firm (consulting).

InterfaceRAISE is not being staffed by a conventional consulting firm version, relying rather on the part time availability of workers in the parent company. At the time of the case, InterfaceRAISE was grappling to identify the right business model for the kind of consulting firm it desires to be, to determine what its customer portfolio should look like, and to set its pricing arrangement. InterfaceRAISE needed to decide the way to hasten its growth while better realizing its three goals: improving its customers' sustainability performance, enhancing its parent company's brand image and sales, and raising operating profits.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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InterfaceRAISE: Sustainability Consulting

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