Microsofts Go-to-market Strategy for Azure in India Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

"It is in the middle of 2009, about six months before the planned worldwide launch of Microsoft Azure. Director of Cloud Computing for Microsoft India ponder the relative merits and disadvantages of running Azure simultaneously with the rest of India. World of cloud computing is a paradigm shift in information technology (IT), which changed the way software and services are delivered to the desktop, end users of cloud computing allows shared resources. - software, hardware and information - to be provided to customers on request, accusing them of using. Azure offers Microsoft in this space, providing software and infrastructure as a service, as well as a platform to develop new applications for payment for the use of the model. Microsoft always makes its products available to users in the traditional licensing model, and Azure will be a paradigm shift not only in terms of technology, but from the point of view of the business model - from a one-time license fee and periodic maintenance contracts to pay-as-you-use flexible model. director was to decide whether the nascent Indian market was ready to accept this new technology and business model, it also had to decide which segments of the Indian industry Microsoft Azure should be directed to There are many reasons - the presence of a strong IT .. community development, increasing the adoption trends in the Indian industry and the presence of a very large potential customer base in terms of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) -. why Indian market looked very profitable on the other hand, there are concerns such as poor current IT adoption, rampant piracy, high, low and average availability of infrastructure (necessary for the success of Azure), such as electricity and broadband penetration in India and unique do-it-for-me "attitude of Indian businessman, which translates high initial costs in terms of time and effort needed to raise awareness." "Hide
by Reema Gupta, Deepa Mani, Aditya Shah , Sujata Ramachandran, Vivek Singh Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 18 pages. Publication Date: July 19, 2011. Prod. #: W11166-PDF-ENG

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Microsofts Go-to-market Strategy for Azure in India

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