New Approach to China: Google and Censorship in the Chinese Market Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The first is at the negotiating table between Google and China successfully concluded in 2006, when Google got the license for the local domain (, aimed at the Chinese Internet users and can not be "Great Firewall". During these negotiations both Google and the Chinese government struggles to achieve a result that would be acceptable to their voters. Google was caught between pleasing its shareholders and preserve its reputation on free access to information, while the desire to balance China advanced search technology and the concern that liberal access to information could undermine the political and economic model. In the end, the negotiations resulted in two domains Google operating in China: and In early 2010, Google announced that its corporate infrastructure was the purpose of a series of Chinese cyber attacks and accused the Chinese government is trying to further limit free speech on the Internet. These incidents led to the conflict of public and private negotiations between Google and the Chinese government, which ended in July 2010, when the Chinese government has renewed the license, knowing that Google was redirecting all Chinese clients search for your site is The case concerns the changes in Google and Environment of the Chinese Government, which led to the withdrawal of services Google and the Chinese government to save face, renewing licenses. The case is based on publicly reported events surrounding the two series of negotiations between the U.S. technology giant Google and the Chinese government in respect of the license Google in China. "Hide
by Jeanne Brett, Lauren Pilcher, Lara-Christine sales Source: Kellogg School of management, Northwestern Univ. 18 pages. Publication Date: 09 Oct 2011. Prod. #: KEL590-PDF-ENG

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New Approach to China: Google and Censorship in the Chinese Market

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