Eurotunnel versus the Ferries Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Examines competitive strategy Channel Tunnel just before the time it opened for business in 1994. With special emphasis on Le Tunnel shuttle for freight and passenger traffic, enables students to explore the Le Shuttle should follow premium pricing strategy in relation to a multi-ferries match "prices, or undermine the ferry" ferry prices. After a section on the history of the tunnel construction, provides an in-depth discussion of multi-channel ferry services to business and Le Shuttle. Finally, we pose the question: what is the pricing strategy should follow Le Shuttle "Hide
by David Besanko, Christopher Stori, Ed Kalletta Source: Kellogg School Management 17 pages. Publication Date: January 1, 2006. Prod. #: KEL190-PDF-ENG

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Eurotunnel versus the Ferries

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