Operations and Supply Chain management Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


For the examination of operation and supply chain management principles in real life, UNIQLO is selected. It is a casual wear designer, retailer, and manufacturer. But, the principles are analyzed regarding the customer service of the company i.e. delivery of its products across different countries around the globe, specifically in the USA and European countries.

Company Background

UNIQLO Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer, designer, and retailer of casual wears, and is based in Japan. Currently, the company is the 4thlargest retailer in the world in the apparel industry. It operates in numerous countries but has a strong presence in the Asian countries including China, Malaysia, Korea, and Indonesia. Apart from this, it also provides its products in USA and some of the European countries. In recent years, the company has shown incredible growth in the Asian countries, which became possible as a result of high investment in its Research and Development department. This enables the company to develop innovative products continuously and keep the customers interested. One major reason behind its success is that it maintains the quality of the products and offer them at competitive prices, which makes its customers highly satisfied.

Operations and Supply Chain management Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the company reflects its idea behind changing the world by changing conventional wisdom in its customers which resultsin changing their clothing. The company believes in providing superior quality products to its customers in accessible prices.


The vision of the company is to become the number one clothing brand in the world. As currently at number 4, the company believes it can achieve its dream by continuing providing quality products and by expanding its customer base across the globe.

Service Challenge

Today, in order to increase the competitive edge in the market and to increase the customer base, numerous companies across the globe are expanding horizontally. For the attainment of competitive edge and in order to reduce the cost, companies either outsource labor and production material from countries where cost of labor is low, or where the raw material is cheap.(H., 2004)(Bowersox D. J., 2002) Using this concept, the companies hope to secure their supplies (Waters, 2011)and gain a competitive edge in the market. (Coyle J.J., 2003)

According to World Trade Organization, the expansion of companies across different countries is increasing at a fast pace, and with this, the complexity in doing so is also increasing. (Christopher, 2008)

Now, the selected company i.e. UNIQLO has also weak presence in Europe and USA. One reason behind this is because of globalization, the lead time has increased for its customers in USA and European countries. Its lead time is 6 weeks which is relatively high and thus affects its customer service. So, the company is facing the service challenge of increased lead time for its customers in USA and in European countries.(Bowersox, 2010)

Conceptual Framework

The three principles of supply chain management that have been identified considering the problems and challenges faced by the company, are listed below:

  • Total quality Management approach for whole organization.
  • Project management Approach, which supports the complete process of new product development.
  • Service-System Design Metrics.............

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