Domino’s Pizza’s Crisis Communication Strategies Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Domino's pizza started from Michigan US founded by James Monaghan and Tom Monaghan founders. The domino’s corporation is headquartered at the Domino’s farms office park in Ann Arbour, Michigan, US. It is an American restaurant chain that was founded in 1960. It basically lies on the food delivery, Franchising, and restaurants’ industry. The Product portfolio entails Chicken wings, desserts, pasta, and pizza Etc.

290,000 employees currently works in the Dominoes organization which includes the figures for the franchises, 14,100 of the employees only worked on the company owns stores and offices. As per 2017 financial report, the organization has earned the 2.47 billion US Dollar with 214.68 million US Dollar net income.

In February 2018, the Domino's pizza restaurant chain became the largest pizza seller worldwide in term of sales.

This case generally discussed the different strategies that are implementing in the organization to improve the public relations and communication barriers. This case basically based on the Domino’s crises problem which it faced in 2009; the problem aroused when two rogue employees had posted the adulterated food videos on the YouTube and the Vice president of communication and internal team member delivered the crises communication plan through the Twitter and YouTube.

The problem is that which strategy should be used by the company to manage the crises properly? Today when the companies face such crises then they are concerned with stakeholders that help in changing the crises within 24 hours by the internet, Facebook, and YouTube.  Dominos also is concerned with the strategies provided and the selection of the best strategy that will help to reduce the problems for the organization.

Domino’s Pizza’s Crisis Communication Strategies Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



Social media is the largest platform that provides the pathways to the customer for interaction that easily shares their views and opinion in our New World.  Social media crises term has been used in the description of crises that was enhanced by the social media according to the sharing of their platform. Social media has a direct impact on the practices of public relations mostly in the crises communication and management reputation. The crises arise when the company does not make use of effective management which could help or counter the effects for helping customer service problems which is trending on the networks of YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

The crises in the dominos show us the importance of social media presence in the company for the performance. When the company's does not incorporate social media into their public relation strategies then they have high risks as their strategy might not be received to the general social public, which might limit the implementation of a counter attack by the organization.

If the company lacks of social presence it may damage the control efforts developed to work ineffectively. Domino's Pizza failed to analyse the consumers and their initial responses on their website because it was not a usual medium, and their hesitation of providing a response led to reputation loss for the organization in. When an apology with a complete explanation was uploaded in YouTube and Twitter by the CEO, the message might have reached t the wider audience............

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