Nestle: Quality on the Boardroom Agenda (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Given the overall improvement of the quality standards in force at the present time, companies run the risk of becoming complacent about quality issues. However, from the supply chain becomes more and customers are becoming more demanding, quality management is still a problem for companies. Nestle presents an approach to quality management. Reviews three well-publicized incidents that occurred in the Coca-Cola, Firestone, and Snow Brand dairy products and their significant impact on the company and top management. These incidents highlight the fact that the quality must be considered from a general point of view of the supply chain with a focus on quality in use. Can also be used to study the crisis. "Hide
on Petri Lehtivaara, Carlos Cordon, Thomas E. Vollmann Source: IMD 10 pages. Publication Date: January 1, 2001. Prod. #: IMD021-PDF-ENG

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Nestle: Quality on the Boardroom Agenda (A)

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