Nestlé Health Care Nutrition: After The Acquisition Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Killing, Peter

The case centers on the varying cultures of the existing Nestlé Health Care company and that of the device it has actually acquired from Novartis. In spite of the reality that he is brand-new to the Nestlé culture, Michel has to develop a company that adheres, at least rather, to the Nestlé culture. When part of Novartis, Michel's company had a multi- regional focus - do exactly what is right for your regional market - whereas the method of Nestlé system was much more international - roll out the brand-new items around the world.

Nestlé Health Care Nutrition After The Acquisition Case Study Solution 1

To highlight the certain difficulties dealing with a leader who comes from the obtained company, however has to make a success of a brand-new company operating in the culture of the acquirer. His direct reports come from both of the predecessor companies, and various individuals have various expectations concerning the method the brand-new company will run.

Subjects: Acquisition integration
Settings: Global; Specialized food for health care; Large; 2007-2008

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Nestlé Health Care Nutrition: After The Acquisition

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