Negociation Analysis Based On Lincoln Movie Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Persuasive Processed and Activities

The process of acquiring votes was marvelously a battle in its self because both the opponents were trying to use these votes for their benefits. However, the persuasion process makes this progression more attractive. The activities involved in the process where a group of people who were planning to unreleased the amendment, however the advocates of it were passionate to move the process flawlessly, and were highly influenced.

As a part of the negotiation, no party was willing go to negotiate without their personal interest. Democrats were offering their votes for the passage of amendment 13 in return of government jobs from Lincoln because it was clear that he would be the re-elected president and would possess more power after being a president. But the president was not willing to provide official bribes to the democrats.

Social Contextual Observations and Effects

The social effect of this movement was spread in the form of awareness everywhere from which the people were becomingmore consciousabout their social rights. The official was clogged to use innocent people in unethical ways. This law the 13 Amendment not just condemn people from having workers as their slaves, but also forbids the hidden transaction of slaves in the name of regular servants. The impact of this movie was clearly asserting that the problem was lashed with the slavery system due to which rebellions were fighting with white soldiers. However, in the beginning officials were focusing on the stagnation of war which was not the real issue.

Power processes

At this point when each party was using its power, itcould easily be estimated the effect that the President and White politicians were having on the issue of passingthis amendment. Fortunately, it seems that Lincoln was getting success so that they can UN-imprison and free black the Americans by passing of the law. In Spielberg’s movie, it depicts black people as being passive and having no part in this amendment, but in reality they had a huge part as well. While everyone begins to gather in the courtroom, we learn that someone has heard a rumor of a confederate attempting to have a passage of peace. It was not good for the passing of the Thirteenth Amendment. If there is a passage of peace from the Confederates then, the passing of the Thirteenth Amendment would most likely be postponed and not be passed.

Individual difference effects

The confederates were the opponents of 13 amendments and were so much willing to stop the war, however Lincoln and his representatives wanted the passage of the amendment.  The confederates were highly envious of the entire situation for which they spread a false news of their arrival in Washington to present their peace resolution. Which in turn would result in a delay of amendment, but that was a rumor.

However, Lincoln inculcates the Confederates to keep out of Washington because the vote casting process was about to start on the House floor. The officials were deciding to move this amendment in the direction that tells about cultural equivalence,which would increase the chances of the amendment to be passed. The news about the fake appearances of confederates flowed in the city that there are Confederate representatives in Washington ready to discuss their peace. Lincoln was clearly of the opinion to reject the arrival of confederates in the city. Since Lincoln had ordered them to keep themselves away from the court so that the passage of the amendment could proceed without obstacles.

Conflict Resolution

The matter that whether 13 amendment would pass or not, this was eventually resolved with the help of a large number of votes cast by the democrats.Due to which the resolution has passed, and people of southern states gained their freedom. That is not obvious that all changes would form in the blink of efforts, but the first step always requires a lot of efforts. In this Abraham Lincoln was negotiating for the basic right of every human being which is freedom. Lincoln himself voted for the amendment to make a justified decision.

Ethical Considerations

Slavery system has existed since the earth has begun. This movie covers all aspects of instructional assessments that were not only present in the history, but also in common life politics. It reveals that the art of presidency along with the drill of politics. Though Lincoln attempts to present an innumerable work of representing a historical, political behavior which in reality cannot be possibly accurate. However, most of this filmsare based on the real facts of history that were dramatized for a better viewing experience.................................

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