Leaders Wanted: Chinese Athletic Vancouver Association Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Restructure Hierarchy

The recommendation or the alternative of restructuring the hierarchy will help CAVA and its vision. Basically the association has a vision to provide basketball in a rather formalized manner to the Chinese community in Vancouver. The advantage of restructuring the hierarchy will provide the association with the advantage that the restructured hierarchy will improve the system for the association. The disadvantage for the vision alignment is that CAVA cannot stay aligned with the vision. It needs to reassess the situation.

The advantage of growth prospect at CAVA will increase for the members at the association. This feature will provide benefit to the members. However, the disadvantage is that members might not support each other and eventually the system of new hierarchy might fail. The leadership will become rather stable because now the new system will ensure that the decision making is done by the departmental heads accordingly. The disadvantage however, with stable leadership is that it will create the element of biasness and the individual promoted to the top might misuse his powers at CAVA.Satisfaction of community memberswill be an advantage with the restructured hierarchy because it will provide the association with the option of generating more funds through structured leadership.

However, the disadvantage is simply the fact that the expenses will increase with the changed hierarchy of the association. The implementation time of the new hierarchy is a big drawback until it is actually implemented. However, the advantage of this system is that once it is implemented it will reap profits for the association because functions will become effective and efficient.

Performance Appraisal

The second alternate for CAVA is to introduce a performance appraisal system at CAVA. This can bring in quite a few benefits if properly installed within CAVA. Evaluating the criteria of aligning with the vision will again improve the business model of CAVA. The association needs to become rather aligned with the CAVA association to build upon the fact that it needs to attract and ensure that the new system of performance appraisal is aligned with the association.

The growth prospect of performance appraisal will provide the option of career growth which will in return identify more members within CAVA who will be loyal and committed to the association. The negative aspect however is that with more expenses the association might have to earn more profits, which cannot be the long term solution because CAVA is an NGO. A sound performance appraisal system will provide the opportunity to find leaders for long term period at CAVA. The negative aspect for this will be that now since CAVA is an NGO and people will be benefited with extra money or appraisal they will expect to earn more revenues which is not the vision of CAVA.

Satisfaction of community members will obviously decrease with new performance system because it will eventually make the members work for monetary benefits. The disadvantage of Satisfaction of community members will be that the once the members at CAVA will think about appraisal and benefits they will not be thinking about their prime responsibility that is to provide basketball games to the Chinese community.

Training and Development

The third alternate for CAVA to overcome the leadership vacuum or the leadership issue is to opt for training and development of CAVA members. This is obviously a costly move, but eventually it will help CAVA to train members as per the needs of the association. The advantage of training and development with respect to the vision of the association does not provide any significant advantage to the vision. The reason is simple, the focus is to simply find methods and opportunities to provide basketball games to the Chinese community.

The growth prospect will become evident with the training of potential leaders at CAVA. Along with this, the disadvantage associated with the growth prospect at CAVA will be that it will make the members think about different training sessions to perform which will be a costly thing CAVA to perform on regular basis. Training and development will ensure that CAVA finds the most competent and credible leaders through proper training and development. However, the disadvantage to this method will make it difficult for CAVA to find leaders in short span of time.............................

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