Museum Visit Formal Aesthetic Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


In my opinion, the artwork falls into the category of realism because of the immediate message it throws to its viewers. It was a museum in which I found this beautiful painting hanging on the wall. It was  so much appealing that one cannot stop himself to move closer to feel this particular moment of every human being's life. The painting mainly consisted of a  middle-aged woman and a child, they both were surrounded by flowers, angels and birds of all kinds.

At first when we look at the picture the first thought that comes to our mind is the relation of a mother and a child. By the usage of the facial expression or the human reflection present in the canvas  is evident that the mother  was looking with a deep thought of love towards her child.

 The colors used in the representation are so much soothing and bright at the same time which gave the viewer a sense of hope. A hope of life, a hope that makes her feel that all her sorrows are gone because God has  gifted her a far more precious thing that she did not imagine.

The predominant mood of the painting reveals that it is a Goddess who possesses each and every good thing of the world. The light theme used by the painter provides the person looking at the picture with a sense of happiness and joy. A mother who seems to be weak and elderly yet holding her little child with the her palm. While at the same time inserting her hand deeply into the chest of the baby to protect him from further bending over a little toy filled with flowers.

Colors are an intangible object that can contribute highly towards our happiness or sadness. Their impact is so deep that it can make us feel ambitious or comfortable in the hard times of our lives. The painter has used all the possibilities to grab the viewer's emotions with the use of soothing pink color wore by the mother or a woman showing her deep emotions for the child. However, Pink is an insipid red color that has got the same feeling as  the red color, but in a light mode. Here the artist has used a big portion of the painting’s vigor with pink color that is showing the love between a mother and the child.

Talking from the perspective of the surveys in Europe and the United States, pink color is the most frequently used color, that shows a deep connection with charm, graciousness, sensitivity, gentleness, lovability, childhood and the feminine sense of care for their loved ones. It is the most important thing for an artist to make its viewers understand the psychological effects of the art and the colors that might have on an average person.

The association between the art and the emotions of a human being is although not a new concept, but it has been subjected to wide-ranging study. Emotional or esthetic mode of expressing  a feeling with the help of art have formerly been visioned as a basic stimulus-response. New conjectures regarding the message of the artwork and plenty of  researchers have recommended that these experiences are complex as well as scattered.

 The biggest achievement of an artist is when the person in front of the painting grasps the true sense of  emotionality presented by the artist. Emotional expressions are often viewed as the foundation to experiencing art, and the formation of emotional experience has been argued as the reason of artistic appearance.

 Investigation of art has shown that the neurological underpinnings of perceiving the difference between one art form to the other. Instead, the mind of an individual involved in the experience of emotion and goal setting that shows activation when viewing art.

In this, the emotional mode shown by the artist is the sense of feeling in which a mother protects her child against all the hardships of the world. Whether these difficulties are related to a tiny problem of saving the baby from getting hurt by a mother's hand or from the world’s storms.

Art also exchanges a greater sense of  intellectual values from one culture to another........................

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