CSTAR Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Canadian Surgical Technologies and Advanced Robotics Centre (CSTAR) had a successful year in which its new director made sure that the budget deficit from CSTAR was on target to be reduced by 50 percent. CSTAR still face serious obstacles to become financially stable and a leader in the field of minimally invasive surgery (MIS). The director wanted to be financially self-sufficient CSTAR for two years, and set goals to overcome these obstacles: the development of sustainable financing plan which will support its annual operating budget, setting the strategy for its four revenue sources, and the development of an operational plan to support the new educational institution in CSTAR. In addition, the MIS sector was a clear leader establish clinical standards of care, or create industry best practices. Director asks how CSTAR can position itself for this leadership and to mobilize financial resources in their efforts to develop the business. As director of the center, he had to develop the strategy and develop a financial plan to press CSTAR in black. "Hide
by James E. Hatch, John S. Haywood-Farmer, Michael Rose, Virginia Ritchie, Lindsay Passmore, Leah Hillier Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 28 pages. Publication Date: February 10, 2010. Prod. #: 909M17-PDF-ENG

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