Metropolitan College Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Describe the problem at Metropolitan College briefly

A small college named as Metropolitan College was facing issues about the cost and the delays that occur whilst processing of students who came for registration. The registration process is based on one week that is formally known as an orientation week. The manager of the college was observing the data that have been collected in the registration process and the steps that are needed to make it complete. She was having lots of speculations and confusion about finding ways to bring efficiency in the overall process along with maintaining an equilibrium in terms of cost reduction.

Draw a process diagram for the current registration

Each year, students arrived on Metropolitan’s campus in the first week of September, termed Orientation Week, with classes beginning the following week. During Orientation Week, all students registered (or, the case of returning students, re-registered), confirmed their initial course selection, pay their tuition fees and participated in a variety of orientation activities.

Orientation week consists of several activities during the whole week. However, the first step in the process includes going through with the registration procedure. The registration begins with step one that includes reviewing registration information.  The average time required for this activity include two minutes. In addition to this, workers required to complete step one is one member. All students were required to have their registration data reviewed and confirmed, including their address, program-based tuition and course selection. Students living in one of the college’s residences took the longest time to process.

Approximately 10 percent of students did not complete their registration forms correctly and had to have them reviewed again. The second step includes in the registration process include enrolling students from outside the province. Students from outside the province, roughly one-quarter of the total, were required to enroll in the college’s out-of-province health coverage plan. The average time required to complete step number two in the process is three minutes.

The third step in the process includes sign-up for college services. In this step, students could sign up for a variety of services such as meal plans, bus passes and parking; these fees were then added to the student’s invoice. The time to make this step completed is two minutes. The next step in the registration process includes payment of fee and tuition. Here, Students had the option to use a cheque or debit card when making their payments.

The fifth step in the registration process includes photography of students and the time required to perform this step include 1.5 minutes. After students had finished paying, they would proceed to the Student Services Office on the first floor of the administration building to have their photograph taken. In the sixth step, students have to go through to production and coding of their student card and the time needed to complete this step is five minutes. The last step in the process includes issuance of student card that will take around 1 minute maximum. A process detailed diagram of the registration process define above is as follows.


Figure 1: Registration process flow diagram of Metropolitan College

What is the utilization rate at each step in the process? What is the overall capacity of the process?

Capacity utilization can be defined as a tool that is used to calculate the overall output of the company on an annual basis. In the equation, output can be defined as a percentage in terms of overall output. It is also known as operating time that the company is needed to analyze its capacity.

In addition to this, the rate has also helped companies in making verification at different steps in the process. For the companies that are engaged in the production and manufacturing of products rather than service, capacity utilization rate often works best for them.

The time required for each of the seven steps has been defined in the exhibits. The longest time required to complete the procedure is step six i.e. production and coding of student cards. Workers need to complete the desired steps varied according to the requirements. Like, each step had one staff person assigned, with the exception of Step 6, where two staff members produced the student cards. In addition to this, the college does its registration process 52 weeks in a year, six days in a week, eight hours in a day. Thus, the available annual hours for the college in terms of the registration process are 2496 hours in a year. Further, the available minutes required by the college to complete the whole registration process is 18720 minutes.....................

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Manager of Student Services at the college were very concerned about the delays and costs of processing the registration of the student during the annual week of orientation. She looked at the recent data collected by the processing time in six main stages of the registration process is required. She asked how the process can be improved while balancing the budget constraints to reduce costs. "Hide
by P. Fraser Johnson, Robert Klassen Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 2 pages. Publication Date: December 14, 2009. Prod. #: 909D12-PDF-ENG

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