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Q3) Contrast the old process with the new process citing the differences.

The current process was entirely based on the paper, which was quiet slow and time consuming. Staff members used to put the order into the administrative records and then forwarded them through fax machines. Then pharmacist revived the order and fulfilled it after a long process. Finally, at the end nurses dispensed the medication.  Hence, it can be said that being a part of such a massive hospital, this process cannot be very successful in this competitive environment.

On the other hand, the new process is quiet easy and fast, which allows the hospital to work more effectively. In the new process, physicians enter the data into the Physician Order Entry System with the involvement of any paper work. As the order is received by the physician, pharmacists fulfills the order and deliver the order to the hospital. After this immediate delivery, nurses dispense the medication. This systematic approach reduces the lead time for the hospital. At the time of implementation, it sounds a bit costly for the hospital but it can save a lot of money for the hospital later on and most importantly it will save a lot time and administrative procedures as compared to the old system, which is more time consuming. Furthermore, the implementation of this system reduce the chances of errors.

Q4) which groups of employees will be affected by the new POE?   For each of these groups, indicate the degree to which the members of that group consider the processing of medication orders a critical part of their work.

These systems have a significant impact on the administrative process of hospitals. Employees at different level have seen positive impact by the implementation of this system. Before the implementation of the system, physician had to wait for long for the delivery of medication. The reason was quiet clear from the fact that physician had to order it through the written process. This written process was based on 5 stages, which was quiet lazy being a part of such an enormous hospital. Staff members were also involved in recording transcriptions that further delayed the process, and then they forwarded it through the fax to the pharmacist. Pharmacist, who is one of the busiest people at the hospital, verified the order and fulfilled it. Then the 4th partner in the process was nurse who dispensed the medication. In the final attempt, medication is received by the patient.  After the implementation of the new system, these channel members would be eliminated like physician could order the medication directly through this software by eliminating administrative procedures and paper work recording issues.


The choice to put apply phase 1 of Physician Order Entry System in the labor and delivery ward makes sense as treatments and medication are much easier to try out the innovative system. Physician Order Entry System can be experienced here for several months and the suggested changes can be applied to improve it. Then the system can be implemented in wards where complexity, traffic of patients and diversity of treatments is increasing. The time of examination at each stage rely on how rapidly the system accepts requirements of the zone as well as the ease of acceptance by a greater part of the staff involved in the whole process.


It has been suggested that the hospital should conduct an ADE assessment before implementation of phase 1 and after implementation of phase 2 in Mount Auburn hospital.

Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the administration to get all staff members onboard and force them to notice that avoiding the ADE will result in terms of the human life and monetary costs. They must also Review the legal and ADE cost saving pre and post execution. The implementation of this system is highly recommended because this will help the management to run the process smoothly, which will result in fast process and effective in-house treatments of the patient....................................

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