Mothers Work Inc. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Mother’s Work Inc. Brand Image and Accusations of Employment Discrimination

Facts and Critical Issues

            In this paper, Mothers Work Inc. is a market leader in designing, production and vendor of maternity clothing, which is blamed for pregnancy discrimination. Cynthia Papageorge, ex-manager of the Mother’s Work Inc. store department was fired by the company’s Vice President, Frank Mullay, who made the terrible and shocking inspection of this discrimination. She argued that Mullay doubted her job performance in this condition, which affected her in a negative way. Few days later, Mullay directed Cynthia Papageorge’s manager, Dowe, to fire her, who was later on also fired for insufficient job performance after taking maternity leave. Despite numerous law practices to avoid this kind of discrimination, Mother’s Work Inc. was deliberately ignoring the law or it was not interested in contributing these laws to be implemented in its organization.

Key Stakeholders

            Mother’s Work Inc.’s main stakeholder was pregnant women as well as Frank Mullay, Cynthia Papageorge and Papageorge’s supervisor, Jan Dowe. It was embarrassing for the organization involved in many kind of discriminatory practices related with pregnant women on a continuous basis. These issues should be taken into consideration by the Mother’s Work Inc. to encourage the staff for the organization’s best interest.

Further Actions

            Employees are the backbone of any organization, if it will ignore their employees it can badly affect the overall organization’s success, but in case the organization will succeed in attracting and motivating its employees for better performance then it will get favorable results. In case of Mothers Work Inc., employee discrimination was not practiced a lot because it was causing various problems for the pregnant women. Mother’s Work Inc. should implement its Medical and Pregnancy leave system effectively and efficiently in the organization and should also restructure its Annual Leave system. The Family Medical Leave Act and other related acts need to be implemented in the organization so as to support the pregnant women in the organization because they encompass a vital part of the organization. They should concentrate more on the welfare of their employees rather than balance sheet. In this way, Mothers Work Inc. can give a positive message to the employees in order to build trust in the organization.

Communication Channels

            Rebecca Matthias and Director Publicity Mona Astra Liss were responsible for the corporate communication network of Mother’s Work Inc. Liss was responsible for Mothers World fashion publicity both in print and in broadcast. She arranged fashion shows and other related activities to attract and promote the Mothers Work Inc......................

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