Business Innovation: The MTRs eInstant Bonus Project Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

"EInstant Bonus" was an interactive advertising concept developed within the Mass Transit Railway Corporation Ltd. (MTR) in Hong Kong. Under this scheme, offers special discounts from merchants / advertisers were presented on a 42-inch plasma TV in the form of a 10-second static slides or 30 - second commercial. Passengers can select items on the touch screen and a discount coupon to be issued. Discount Coupons can be exchanged for goods or services purchased from the seller's premises. Each coupon is issued, a transaction fee of $ 1.00 will be deducted from the Octopus Card passenger. This case illustrates the use of information technology on a large corporation strategic alignment and value creation. Multimedia kiosks of the new phenomenon of the 1990s to provide an interactive and personalized customer service in the field. Talk given on the concept and use of kiosks for customer service organizations . MTR eInstant bonus project is successful innovation through various measures. also provides insight on the adoption of innovation and diffusion, in particular, how the attributes of innovation refers to the speed of its adoption and diffusion. "Hide
by Ali F. Farhoomand, Phoebe Ho Source: University of Hong Kong, 10 pages. Publication Date: July 26, 2002. Prod. #: HKU201-PDF-ENG

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Business Innovation: The MTRs eInstant Bonus Project

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