MOD PIZZA: A WINNING RECIPE? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


MOD Pizza is the innovator of the fast chain made-to-order pizza division. The company was founded by Scott and Ally Svenson in 2008. The main objective of both of them is to provide its customers a well tasty and unique pizza that satisfies their hunger as well as provides its customers a memorable experience of foods in its stores. Both of them started the operations with a small company. The main goal of Scott is to grow its business operations into a number of stores; it is also expected that would be able to start approximately 45 stores in 2015 and 200 stores by the end of 2016. Moreover, the more challenging decision for the company is to decide whether the company is capable of starting this operation or not. They also wanted to ensure that whether the culture of MOD Pizza is that much strong through that they can easily survive in the market or roll out its operations in a sufficient manners. In order to survive in the market, Scott has developed the strong culture through that they can meet the need of the customers as well as not compromise its core values and philosophy in the market through that they could easily get more success in the market. Therefore, the company should decide that what efforts and steps does it needs in order to protect the culture of the organization. Should it put severe protections in residence or trust that MOD could positively scale its culture by hiring the right individuals and assist them to grow as employees.

In order to grow its business, the company established multi-units franchise partnership in a different division of US, which include Ohio, Kansas, and Missouri. The Svenson is one of the leading entrepreneurs who wanted to become the MOD as a successful business organization that put the meaningful impact in the lives of communities as well as the lives of its employees.   In order to maintain an effective culture of the organization, the company decided that it will provide its employees all possible opportunities through that they can change the environment of the company. Scott also believed that if the employee works hard and put their great efforts in the establishment of company's culture, then it would easily maintain the culture of the organization as well as also improves the performance level of the company. The primary objective of this case is to create the market differentiation product with durable consumer abilities that mark a firm, robust progress prospects in every district of the country where it is going to expand.


The company has faced various issues before the expansion of the company in a different district of United States. The company wants to maintain its solid position in different areas of the United States, which include Ohio, Kansas, and Missouri. The main problem that the company faced is the hiring of employees as they never wanted to compromise the culture values, ethics, balance and respect in the market.

There were few employees in the company who were addicted to drugs which affected the cultural values and ethics of the company as well as these employees created troubles for the customers. After analyzing the performance of the employees, the company fired all those employees from the company who were addicted to the drug as they affected the environment of the company......................

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