Nissan: Go-Global Strategy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Company’s approach

Nissan’s global strategy with globally focused and regionally concentrated approach has accelerated its growth to greater extent. Such approach has employed the differentiation on the basis of the regions. The company has located production specifically to regions in order to gain the market share and to strengthen its market position region wise, then to expand business operations globally in favorable conditions to minimize the risk and to accelerate the growth and boost performance(Ghemawat, 2005).

Evaluation of the company’s approach

The company’s regionalization strategy has allowed it to cater the customers in specific regions and gain the first mover advantage. The company has established its business operations in one particular area of the countries.The regionalization strategy has resulted in the improvement in operations, capital resource pooling, economies of scale and increased market share. The company’s approach to regionalization is significant, since it has allowed the company to focus on particular regions of the country and make strategic plan to target the market when it stabilizes......


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