Meeting New Challenge at Aldine Independent School Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Meeting New Challenge at Aldine Independent School Case Study Solution

  • Performance Evaluation:

Performance evaluation should be done on weekly basis and the managers let the teachers know about their current and make revise strategies in order to enhance the performance.

  • Revised Structure:

The Aldine School has to revise their structure as their reporting levels and other factors in order to perform well than other four competitive schools.

  • Revise Strategies And Plans:

Ability of the area superintendent to make the action plan, strategies and goals in order to enhance the efficiency of the whole organization and apply best framework in order to gain the competitive advantage for the Aldine.

  • Experienced And Motivational Teacher:

More experienced and motivational teacher should hired which leads the student towards success as well not teach to pass the exam but also teach them how to be competitive and build the cognitive ability in their students.

  • Proper Training:

Proper training should be required by the teacher, after hiring, so that they would guide the student and achieve consistent progress.

  • Manage Change:

Adapt the environment of change where each person in the school woulds n’t face any difficulty to adopt the change.

  • Additional Certifications:

Provide the additional certifications to the teacher so that they find it easier to train their students as well as provide additional benefits to encourage them to be there.

  • Performance Evaluation:

Performance evaluation should be done on weekly basis, and the managers should let the teachers know about their current and make revise strategies in order to enhance the performance.

The Challenges and the Consequences

The Goals and the Challenges:

The goal of Superintendent Kujawa is to make the students well competitive, and to hire the best quality staff who attain the high performance of their students. She has to develop the objectives and define them in some strategies, every area superintendent has to make their creative own plan in order to achieve the strategic goals. She is allowed to use a scorecard in order to measure the performance quarterly. Score card shows that how the different activities contribute in achieving the strategy. High score owners have to provide financial benefits in order to encourage them. If she sees that some areas are not achieving their desired result so they ask the principal to find the root cause of not achieving the satisfactory results.

Each year AISD hire 200 teacher to help the struggling students and make them well competitive. AISD established a new district wide standards-based curriculum, known as the “benchmark targets,” and revamped professional development in the district. On the basis of number of students and staff the financial and other human resources are distributed. Although these measures the Superintendent Kujawa was unable to get the desired results. The students of AISD are losing their grades which ultimately effects on the success of organization and the organization losing its popularity. (Bohr, 2002)


On the basis of above analysis, it has to be recommended that every plan which has made by the area superintendent should be well defined as well as play an important role in the achievement of the success. The task should be well discussed by the upper level authority as well as lower level authority for the clarity.

Another recommendation which has to be considered as the performance evaluation should be done on weekly and monthly basis rather than quarterly basis and so that flaws in the performance should be considered and it has to be improved in order to gain the favorable results. If the student are not performing well so the teacher has to make sitting with the students and find the root grounds that why they are not performing well. Students, teachers and principals has to work in a friendly atmosphere and to support each other rather than pressuring each other.

Leadership Lessons

After the shift to the TAKS test so many problems were arrived as the test is considered to be more difficult and the students are not performing in their exams. The leadership lessons which we take from this case study are as follows:

From the above analysis participative leadership style should be applied to this case. Participative leadership is as the leader spread their authority and power according to the need and requirement of problems and issues and then working on these problems with their workers and find the best practices in order to reach the desired result. Situational leadership promotes and encourage empowerment as the teachers to perform at their best level which increase their job satisfaction as they take the decision by their own. While the decisions they are made should be answered in case of any problem.

The participative decision making leads the self-confidence which is one of the important leadership lesson while it empower the whole organization towards the success. It allows the AISD workers to work more effectively and build innovation solution of the problems which allows the organization to move towards the success.


On the basis of above analysis it is concluded that the AIDS is the great schooling system.Superintendent(Nadine Kujawa), is one of the best female Superintendent, under their supervision the AIDS system worked very well and she efficiently tackled the hurdles created during 2005 she formulated some major strategies moves which is comprised of horizontal and verticals frameworks under which each member perform well according to their responsibilities given to them. The vision of Superintendent(Nadine Kujawa) is to make their school best in their state and well competitive. After the shift to the TAKS test, Superintendent(Nadine Kujawa) faces the falls in the performance.

The performance should be increase by some recommended way as they have to introduce the change environment to all the workforce. Each decision made by the individual under the participative leadership style should be well defined. The performance should be evaluated on weekly and monthly basis which make the AIDS to perform efficiently, make their students more competitive in the environment and gain attractive financial gains………


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