MEDICINE Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Medicine Case Study Solution

A 65-year-oldelderlymale person came into the hospital who had been diagnosed with Aids and is being treated with Chemotherapy. The patient came to the hospital with his son who is 25 years old. Due to being treated from Chemotherapy, the person had been suffering from many side effects such as loss of appetite, weight loss, nausea and vomiting. The medicine prescribed which would help the medication for treating the person is Dronabinol. This medicine is commonly used by the patients who are under the Chemotherapy who are affected by Aids. Dronabinol mainly affects the brain which is used for controlling nausea, vomiting and appetite.

The patient would be explained with the positive effect of the medication which is that it improves the sleeping, appetite, enhancing the mood and treating nausea and vomiting. However, there are several side effects which would be also explained to the patient for using the medicine and monitored. The side effects which are feeling light-headed may even lead to seizures, fast heart rate, acting differently and causing stress and extreme fear(Web MD, n.d.).

The patient would also be explained as what not to eat while taking Dronabinol which are the raw vegetables, raw fruits, food which have a high acid level, fried food and crunchy food. The patient and his son would be handed over a brochure containing all the details about the positive impacts, side effects, foods to avoid, administration guidelines and direction for taking the capsule. Dronabinol is taken 4 to 6 times a day which should be swallowed completely. Since the patient was elderly and had trouble remembering, the best method would be to handing out the brochure to him and his child.

Castor Oil

A child with the age of 10 came to the hospital who had been experiencing stomach pains along with vomiting. The child had come to the hospital with her mother who had been very worried. The best medication which would be used for treating the stomach pain is through prescribing castor oil to the child. Since the patient is above the age of 4, this makes castor oil a safe and a suitable medication.

The mother of the child would be explained with the medication’s positive effects which are better bowel movements, reducing stomach pain and stopping vomiting. The mother would be told to bring the child back immediately back to the hospital if he experiences any of the side effects which are irregular heartbeat, changing of behaviour and mood, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhoea and weakness in muscles.

Since the consumption of Castor Oil depends upon the person age group, the mother would be told to give 5 ml of castor oil per day. It should be given through the mix of orange juice or cranberry juice for reducing the unpleasant taste of the castor oil. The mother would be advised for giving her child with fresh made juice, salads and steamed vegetables.

The foods which should be avoided after taking Castor oil are the spicy, snacks, processed and fried foods. The best method for delivering the message to the mother would be through word of mouth and prescribing the details about the consumption and side effects. The mother of the patient would also be advised for searching the benefits of castor oil on the internet.

Aluminum Hydroxide

A 39-year-old womencame to the hospital who had been experiencing stomach pain, heartburn and indigestion. The women had recently come to U.S from Mexico and did not properly speak or understood English as she only spoke and understood Spanish. Along with her came her husband who was quite educated and spoke English fluently. According to the woman’s symptoms, the best medicine which had been presented to the patient is the Aluminum Hydroxide. The medicine helps in providing relief to the stomach pain, indigestion and heartburn(Krewski, 2009).

The husband of the patient would be explained the positive effects of the medicine Aluminum Hydroxide is that it would provide aid to the stomach pain, indigestion and heartburn. The side effects of Aluminum Hydroxide would also be explained to the husband which are diarrhoea, loss of appetite, weakness in muscle, too much tiredness and constipation.

MEDICINE Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



The patient’s husband would explain all the details about the medicine including the dosage and administration guideline to her wife in the Spanish language. Both of them would be required to observe and monitor the side effects and should be taken to the doctor if the symptoms do not recover. The foods which would avoid are ones which contain high citric acids, soft drinks and fruit juices while being on the treatment through Aluminum Hydroxide. The best method for explaining to the patient is through her husband while also ensuring that the husband explains the details about the medication correctly is by handing both the person pamphlets and handouts containing details in the Spanish language with pictures..................

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