The Internet of Things (IOT) Shaping the Future of e-Commerce Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The Internet of Things (IOT)  Shaping the Future of e-Commerce Case Solution 

 Main Issue

The issue identified in the case is the relationship of internet of things and e-commerce and how businesses can make use of this concept. Internet of things can be defined as an infrastructure where everything, physical or virtual, was identified uniquely and this infrastructure than could be used to extract information. This information allowed business to understand its customer in a much better way and allowed the consumers easy access to products.


Although the applications of Internet of things (IOT) are many but to allow the businesses to make maximum benefit the following issues need to be addressed and businesses need to integrate these solutions in their business model to stay ahead and grow.Following are the main issues that might not allow businesses to adopt the IOT concept;

• Disconnected Objects

The products currently used by the consumers are disconnected from the internet and therefore cannot be used for data transformation. These objects or products are purchased once in a long time, therefore these products will be used over a long period of time and the consumer may not buy new IOT products until their disconnected products are not used up, therefore these products limit the expansion of IOT.

• Lack of Standards

The new products that are produced, using the IOT concept,are not made in a standard way and neither there programming is done using a standard method; therefore these products might not be able to grow with their maximum potential. Due to lack of standard method other companies, which might want to use the information generated from the IOT framework, may have to find different ways to extract information from products of different organizations.

• Requirement of Giant Databases

To ensure that the information generated from these products is used in a productive way, the information needs to be stored for long term therefore a trend and taste could be developed over time. To store such large amount of information, large databases are required which require regular maintenance and therefore cost can sometime cross the benefits of such information. Therefore,small business cannot afford these systems which may not allow full growth of the IOT concept...........

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