McDonald’s Twitter Campaign: Hype vs. Reality Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Problem Statement

The director of social media for McDonald’s, Rick Wion is under real consideration about the future social media strategy of the company and is aiming to derive a new campaign that will help the company achieve its objectives. The reason to this consideration is the drastic failure of the company’s social media campaign that started on twitter. In the early part of this year, the company started a campaign on twitter with the hash tag #MeetTheFramers that later on changed or transformed by the director and it became #McDStories.

The aim was to promote the process through which the company prepared the food and how it contracted its farmers and suppliers. However, the strategy backfired and some detractors utilized the hash tag to negatively promote the company that resulted in a negative media campaign about McDonald’s. This entire scenario presents a challenging aspect for the company and the social media director and can be very challenging for him to design the new campaign that can refrain from such possible fallouts.


McDonald’s is one of the oldest and strongest fast food chain operating globally and since its inception the company has expended rapidly with an aim to secure globally success and increase its market share along with the wallet share. However, the current issue that the company is facing is highly concerning and can disrupt the company’s brand image drastically. Therefore, in order to surpass this issue and to safeguard the global image of the company, the director of social media will have to design a new social media strategy after assessing the issue progressively and efficiently.

This section will utilize some strategic models to assess the situation and help the director in deciding on the new social media strategy to be formulated. In this regard, the assessment over the issues and the analysis to guide the director of social media and to facilitate him in decision making is done below.

SWOT Analysis

This model will help the director in assessing the internal and external analysis of the company. In the internal section, the major strengths of the company along with the core weaknesses are described that will help in identifying the areas that can be leveraged to further build on success and also the areas that requires improvement. This section will also carry the external analysis for the company as well.

Apart from that, this section will also help in identifying the major opportunities that are available for the company and leveraging its strengths the company can exploit these opportunities. Besides that, this section will guide in identifying the major threats that are present in the external environment to be considered while shaping the strategy and deciding on the long term plans of the company.


The company has a strong brand name that has given the brand strong brand recognition around the globe. This brand image and brand recognition are accounted as the major strengths of the company that have contributed immensely in the overall success of the company. On the other hand, the market share of the company is very strong and according to an estimated value it is the highest in the industry.

This factor of the company puts the company ahead of its competitors and provides it a strong position to compete strongly with its competitors. On the other hand, the company’s global presence is not just huge but also very strong which is why the company is recognized as the best fast food chain around the globe and has the highest level of recognition around the world.

Apart from that, the target market of the company is although children, but due to its longest serving experience and quality, the company has grabbed a strong recognition among its target market. The factor of adoptability is also a major strength of the company that has played a vital role in the global acceptance of the company. The company has shaped its menu and offerings according to the local preferences and needs in some countries, which has allowed the company to gain local acceptance.McDonald’s Twitter Campaign Hype vs. Reality Case Solution

The mode of entry for the company has been franchising in majority of the countries that has allowed the company to expand easily. Although this mode of entry is quite challenging and there are some concerning factors however, the company has managed the stage efficiently. This is the reason why the company has been quiet successful. Furthermore, the strong partnerships with the franchisers have been the keys to success for the company and have been efficient contributors in the overall success of the company............

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