Fighting Childhood Pneumonia in Uganda Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Mortality caused by childhood pneumonia had rapidly increased by the starting of the year 2014. A meeting was going to organize by a proponent of social program against pneumonia, David Milestone, who had been a senior adviser at the Center for Accelerating innovation. Members of the meeting would include the global stakeholders and pharmaceutical manufacturers who had shown the interest in reducing this mortality.

The major objective of the meeting was to propose a strategy that could address the escalating threat of childhood pneumonia in Uganda, along with this the meeting would collect the fund of $10 million to support this effort.

However, the core objective is to generate a strategy to combat the disease but it must be aligned with the vested interest of all the stakeholders. This strategy, if achieved the desired outcomes, could become a framework for other countries, combating with the same issue, to follow.

The United Nations Commission on Lifesaving Commodities have recently mentioned that Uganda itself wants to find the ways to overcome this diseases and have been putting efforts to mitigate this effect, which demonstrate that it would become an example for the rest of the countries combating the same issue. Thus, it would be a tremendous opportunity to eradicate the disease not only from the Uganda but all over the world to save millions of lives.

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Fighting Childhood Pneumonia in Uganda

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