Massachusetts Financial Services (Abridged) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case scenario depicts the reward and performance assessment at an investment management company. The senior management team of Massachusetts Financial Services (MFS) Investment Management was pondering an intro of hedge funds at the firm, but many considered that typical hedge fund manager pay (20% of the upside) would harm the MFS traditions, which glorified "star performance but not star egos."

Massachusetts Financial Services (Abridged) Case Study Solution

The case presents the MFS damages doctrine and plan (including the plan's emphasis on subjective settlement), the types of people it brought, the ensuing culture, and the way the senior management team approached the hedge funds question. It comprises side discussion on business-specific human capital. This is an abridged version of an earlier instance.

PUBLICATION DATE: March 15, 2013 PRODUCT #: 913036-PDF-ENG

This is just an excerpt. This case is about ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT

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Massachusetts Financial Services (Abridged)

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