Mary Caroline: talent hunt Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The case study revolves around the human resources of the organization and from the micro issues up to the macro level issues associated with their development and proper selection for the benefit of the clients of the organization in the best possible manner. The case explains in detail that how the talent can be determined in potential individuals by making concrete evaluative sets of characteristics for their abilities and making the best effort to produce future business leaders,the identification of potential among the individuals that leads to identifyingthe characteristics to establish their competence. There are many assessment stages given in the case for the proper evaluation of the suitable case that fits in the client’s requirement. Moreover, the macro and micro issues for running financial services firm and the efforts of the think tank involved to make the decision making in the firmare also explained in detail in the case.
Problem statement:
The protagonist in the case is Mary Caroline, who has been working as head of investment banking practice and also the head of global financial services practice up to the date of case. She is one of the competent people of Egon Zehnder who has been taking decisions so wisely for the search as well as for development purposes and is actively involved in identifying new talent for the firm that could make a huge difference. Currently, she is looking for the person who fits in for Dunnock bank who has been searching for asuitable candidate for CEO succession;Mary had to take this decision so wisely so for that purpose she has been preparing for her response after going through the assessment summary for the selection of two final candidates.
Analysis of the situation:
Since this was an important decision for the firm and for the sake of maintaining its reputation and hiring the best professional individuals, the evaluation process must be efficient enough to identify the suitable candidate that could make the difference. The firm has some values, and the respective authoritative staff must have to follow the norms and standards to make the decision-making process successful.
Egon Zehnder has some values that are why it is considered as one of the leading financial consultancy firms. Their first value and which is the most important among others is they prioritize their clients first i.e. giving core importance to the clients and making utmost efforts for their satisfaction. They operated as one unit and concentrated their efforts on making an impact as a whole using their results rather than making motives of profits. Following the best ethical pronouncements and providing effective and productive environments by elevating the cultural standards to provide long lasting career paths to committed individuals, these are some of the core values that are adhered at Egon Zehnder to hire the best of the possible candidate......................

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