Marketing New York city Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Marketing New York city Case Solution

1.      Can New York City be regarded as a "brand"? Why or Why not? If so, what does the brand stand for? What are the opportunities and challenges in actively marketing the brand?

The New York City can be regarded as brand as it is the solitary and strong voice for the city. It is currently utilized over a scope of vast activities, including greenNYC, BefitNYC and million trees NYC. New York is most likely the world's most prominent brand city. The brand key is coordination and direction. That is driven by a mix of single minded leadership about what New York is: a varied blend of individuals, every one of whom, paying little mind to age or statement of faith, can possibly understand their fantasy if that they work at it. NYC implies a "can-do" state of mind that shows itself in everything from towering skyscrapers to client services.

Branding is maybe the most capable advertising weapon accessible to current goals advertisers stood up to tourists who are progressively looking for way of life satisfaction and experience, instead of perceiving differentiation in the more substantial components of the destination product. Branding is strategic and brand is bigger than any specific marketing effort. The brand is ultimately what determines if you will become a loyal customer (HEATON, 2016)

The opportunities and challenges in actively marketing the brand:

1.      Building a digital strategy:

It includes adjusting the digital marketing with brand and offerings, which requires new initiatives and creative ways.

2.      Achieving integrated marketing communication:

It is very difficult to choose the effective marketing method as the media or digital methods has become very complex and dynamic.

3.      Treating brands as assets:

The only focus is on the short term financial results and most of the companies avoid the objective of building the assets.

4.      Leveraging brand assets to enable growth:

It is very important to add the value that provides opportunity for enhancing growth by extending the brad image.                                                                  

2. What is CMO Joe Perello's marketing model or strategy? What objectives has he chosen for NYCM and how does he plan to use the city's assets to achieve these goals?

Joe Perello’s Strategy as CMO:Joe Perello and his group have established a centralized marketing strategy for the City that will empower to adequately influence the world's affection and appreciation for New York City and the unique assets that the company possesses”.

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) will create income producing opportunities that advantage New York City through marketing, licensing, sponsorship and other business ventures. The essential goal of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) incorporate determining core marketing assets of the City and every City organization and elegantly unify them into an comprehensive value proposition to corporate sponsors.

At the same time, the CMO will create exclusive City trademarks to permit and disperse similarly the NFL or the NBA creates licenses and appropriates their groups and league marks. The CMO likewise arranges the City's advertising events to manufacture a reliable brand by working with NYC and Company, the City's tourism and tradition authority, the Department of Cultural Affairs, the New York City Host Committee, which is accused of drawing in real, imageen hancing occasions, the Mayor's Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting, which has made colossal steps in making New York a much all the more benevolent spot to shoot a film and put on an appear, and the City's Economic Development Corporation, which is currently forcefully seeking business to New York. The CMO will report straightforwardly to Deputy Mayor Doctor off.....................

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