Managing in the Zone of Oblivion Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Is your fund manager's abrupt bullishness the consequence of a few particular insight, or is it the result of the torrid love affair in providing his perception of the facts with a hormonal charge, he's engaged? Is your chairman's congratulatory grin addressed at you, or, instead, to the other people across the table, whom he means to see him smiling at you that they do not imagine he bears you a ill will - Which, unluckily, he in fact does? Welcome to the ZOO -- Zone Of Unconsciousness, both yours as well as that of others. The ZOO is an area that is scrupulous: it includes all the particulars, feelings and experiences that make a huge distinction to you and your business, but which you neither understand about, nor know that you just do not understand. Guidance is provided by the writer for prospering in this murky, ambiguous - yet completely human surroundings.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about STRATEGY & EXECUTION

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Managing in the Zone of Oblivion

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