International Business Management Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


International business and the global economy plays a vital role in the society and are operating in more interconnected and globalized world. International business improve the communication between various countries, both the poor and rich economies of the world. The international business comprises of business transactions, involves various countries in exchanging goods and services with the process of buying and selling. However, the changing consumers’ demand and perspectives, as well as government policies, leads the national and multinational companies to face multiple issues and challenges around the world.

International business enterprises such as Multinational corporations and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) have been going through consistently changing political as well as economic environment. High global competition, rising risks, and ensuring market vitality have been affected associated business strategies, organizational structure, and processes worldwide. Moreover, the resources on which the firms rely become more complex and challenging to access and more costly to operate globally.

Furthermore, the economic conditions such as inflation, high unemployment, less per capita income and wealth change, leads the international business to face the strains of infrastructure and natural resources system. Apart from that, the flow of products and services from one country to another have a greater impact to affect the business environment. From improving operational efficiencies to expanding the business into new, leads the company to face challenges and issues as they strive to gain success and stay in the competition.

The mission of the company is to deliver quality products and services to its customers and clients, to gain competitive and customer’s advantage in the long run. Therefore, the international business become more complex, uncertain and fast-moving than ever before. Therefore, it is highly important for the international business to save the organizational working environment and minimize the business risks and issues to prosper and sustain the business in the long run.


The globalization of world economy and the differences between various countries present multiple challenges and opportunities to international business. Moreover, the business environment on the global platform are changing rapidly due to such as high competition, multi-cultural environment, downsizing, and aggressive costs management. Moreover, globalization increases the cultural differences, economic differences, political and legal differences, diversification issues, the inflexible working environment, and change in language and dress code. Furthermore, issues include cost-effective strategy, unethical and moral standard, ineffective management team, lack of R&D department and lack of human resource department.

Therefore, it is highly important for the company’s managers to take into account the globalized business environment when making an international business decision and in managing an ongoing international business operations. Moreover, the management team of the company need to understand the importance business environment that creates a basis for a competitive edge and help the companies to survive in the international marketplace. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the management to develop different winning strategies such as innovative, and technology, in order to prosper and sustain the company in the future.


According to the article, the management and board members of the company faces numerous risks on the global platform such as macroeconomic risks, strategic risks, and operational risks. These risks create complex enterprises issues that threaten the brand image and reputation of the company. Moreover, the risks in a complex working environment include weak equity market, high unemployment rate, inflation, currency differences issues, high oil and gas prices, and requirement high capital in manufacturing infrastructure and construction activities.

Therefore, it is important for the management and board members to understand the dynamics of the business environment to use effectively the resources and modify its strategies and management practices. Moreover, the managers should develop winning strategies to overcome the challenges and issues faced by the business both nationally and internationally, to sustain the growth and profits of the company in the long run.International Business Management Case Solution

Macro-economic business risk issues

International business is dominated by developed and multinational corporations. However, Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are also playing an essential role in increasing the country’s economy and provide large employment opportunities for the people. However, the international business faces restrictions on the inflow and outflow of the money, technology and goods. Moreover, many governments especially in developing countries do not allow the international business to enter in the country. Furthermore, the government impose certain laws against the international trade, increase trade blocks, tariff barriers and foreign exchange restrictions(Miller, 1992)....................

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