Managing a Global, Inc. (A) TEAM: GREG JAMES AT SUN MICROSYSTEMS Case Solution

Hofstede’s Value Dimension- Power Distances

                The Hofstede’s power distances indicates a high power distance since, the company is working internationally and when we measure the power distance index, it indicates that the company has a high power distance. Since, inequality can be easily found across different teams of the company spread over the world.

                The first major issue is that the Americans were thinking that they have lower vacations as compared to the French peers while they also think that their work load is not divided appropriately and accurately. However, on the other hand, the French peers were thinking that their pay scales is 30% lesser than the Americans and their schedule is very uncertain and unpredictable.(Cultural, 2016)

                Moreover, the Dubai team was feeling that they were disconnected with other teams and had a fear of being lay off due to their inefficiency. While they were also feeling that they are the only team which was working at two places and as a result of these factors they were missing deadlines.

                In contrast, the Indian team was feeling that they were second class citizens having fewer agendas and their concerns were viewing at last. However,the Indian team was also thinking that they were not included in any innovative task. Therefore, the Hofstede’s Power distances are indicating higher power distance index since, inequality has been found among all the international teams of the company. While, the Hofstede analysis is based on international team analysis not among each and every team with in the region.

The person or team responsible for the whole HS holding Crisis

                It can be seen that there were different pros and cons of the systems and strategies which were adopted by the company however, the company was working in an innovative manner and competing successfully in a fast changing industry. However, as far as the HS holding crisis and its responsible person or team is concern, it can be said that James Greg was responsible for the whole crash.

Since, he didn’t make equality among all of his teams while working as a team manager and he completely failed to respond the issues of the international teams. Furthermore, he also failed to make a synchronization and integration among the teams which lead the company to this crash. Finally, it can be summarized that the whole responsibility geos to James Greg.

Role of other Issues

            Other issues such as lack of integration among team, proper division of work load, remuneration and compensation played a crucial role in the case. Since, all these factors lead the teams towards demotivation and dissatisfaction. Also, due to these issues the employees were feeling disregarded and discouraged for all the efforts they made for the company.

Role of Diversity

                In the case of Sun micro systems diversity played a crucial role both negatively and positively. Since, the company has a diversified workforce which has teams from United States, United Arab Emirates, and India. However the company enjoys a lot of benefits from these work forces since, the cost of the company decreases because of this diversity. (Universum, 2016)

                In addition, the company is also offering the most innovative solutions as a result of diversity since, the company provides 24/7 service and quick feedback to its customers which increase their satisfaction and loyalty towards the company.

                Moreover, due to reduced cost and increased volume of services and diversified talent, the company enjoys a larger amount of profit, since, every team has its own capabilities and competencies which allow it to sell the firm’s service to the market effectively and efficiently................

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