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The CEO of Big Skinny must revamp the online marketing strategy of the company and become more selective while choosing online distributors in order to mitigate the current issue that is resulting in dissatisfied customer and improper and ineffective online strategy.


The CEO of Big Skinny a wallet manufacturer, Kiril Alexandrov has been facing the challenge of transcending from the physical retail stores to online retail and is also aiming to focus on online marketing instead of print advertising. These objectives set by Kiril are aimed at maximizing the overall growth of the company and help it in increasing its sales growth and consumer base. However, the company’s success is much credited to the sales pitch of the company that is simple and easy and focus on provoking the impulse behavior of the customers and translating the value of the wallet.

The major challenge here is to translate this sales pitch on online channels as well, which seems not an easy task. The company has been a concrete advocate of online marketing for which it has been utilized various methods and channels to promote and advertise. The company’s online marketing efforts are catered by display ads, utilizing social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, searching keywords, their strong relationships with online distributors, and relationships with Amazon and Groupon that are regarded as deep discounted websites.

The company expanded in online market extensively that caused or gave rise to various issues and settled a negative perception and feedback from the customers end. The Yelp website highlighted the negative feedback that the company received on its Group experiment. A recent issue that arose due to a major fault in their methods of promoting online increased the concerns forKiril. Around 4000 people availed a free offer that was present on the website and grabbed wallets fro free.

This situation made Kiril rethink about the online strategy of the company and markets products more effectively leveraging online channels. A few options are available for Kiril to examine that includes eliminating Ad words from the strategy and refining their strategy for keywords searches. On the other hand, the company has some other options available to evaluate that are part of the report and are explained in the latter part of the paper.

Problem Diagnosis

Big Skinny has been struggling with identifying the right platform to market their products online in order to connect with their consumers in a better way. Despite being highly successful in attracting and selling to their customers leveraging in-person or direct sales campaigns, the company has yet to identify the right online, marketing platform that can connect the company to their customers in an effective manner. The current online marketing strategies are not complete and have some major flaws that resulted in attaining negative attention and provoked severe customer reaction for the company. Therefore the head of the company Kiril Alexandre is in real consideration of the methods to develop the right and appropriate online marketing strategy that will be helpful in achieving the objectives set by the company.


This section will present a set of alternatives to Kiril Alexander and will help him in selecting the right and appropriate alternative for the issue that is being faced by the company currently. Each alternative will be discussed with the proper rational in order to highlight and disadvantages of every alternative which will eventually make the decision easier.Online Marketing at Big Skinny Case Solution

Alternative 1: Utilize Social Media Platforms

The first alternative suggests the company to eliminate all the paid activities that the company is currently practicing as part of their online marketing strategy and shift their entire focus towards leveraging social media platforms. This strategy suggests the company to restrict its focus to social media platforms and put their best effort in utilizing these free platforms for promoting and marketing their products.

This strategy offers various benefits that are essential for the company to obtain in order to make their future strategy more accurate.  Since social media platforms are free and offer potential which will facilitate the company in saving the marketing cost significantly(W. Glynn Mangold, 2009).

Furthermore, the company will no longer be dependent on display ads that only generates 0.1% of attention and the amount spend on it results in a waste. Thus the company will save the amount spent on display ads and the amount spent on A/B testing will be saved. Huge overhead cost will incur in A/B testing as it requires a person that can handle that can handle the website properly(Patrick( Reynolds, 2003). ..............

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