Making Room for the Baby Boom: Senior Living Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Tom Alperin's National Development is, and has bought a building site in affluent Wellesley, MA in a composite of independent living and assisted living units for seniors, the act of determining whether to construct flats, or perhaps even higher acuity facilities. Several problems are described by the case for the continuum of senior care alternatives for residents and developers. What inspires seniors to leave their homesteads for spaces that are much smaller? How do seniors manage to do this?

Do you know the physical along with operational challenges when functioning the various levels of acuity? The instance also describes what zoning problems could be confronted by programmers who seek to build in difficult although attractive neighborhoods.

At what time should an operator form a joint ventures in order to assist them achieve their strategic ends? Analytic instruments discussed include: development metrics, impact of funding on jobs, in addition to analytic techniques to predict market demand.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about FINANCE & ACCOUNTING

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Making Room for the Baby Boom: Senior Living

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