Indicators: Helpers or Hindrances? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

"If you cannot determine it, you cannot handle it." Lots of business have actually turned this axiom into a dogma and abandoned the concepts that ought to underlie excellent management preparation and control systems.

Utilizing a business study, the authors provide understandings into who need to get included and they propose a four-stage procedure for the best ways to tackle "picking," "creating," "determining, deploying and carrying out" and lastly, "utilizing" a system of indicators.

The threats and chances recognized at each phase function as a helpful guide that readers can use to their own organizational settings. The authors try to raise the conversation far from strictly technical elements and provide the subject more from a supervisor's viewpoint, analyzing the effect of these measurement tools on a company's capability to work effectively, in addition to thinking about how they influence individuals's habits and finding out procedures.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about FINANCE & ACCOUNTING

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Indicators: Helpers or Hindrances?

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