Madras Cements, Ltd. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

A leading cement company in southern India, Madras Cement is facing a trouble in controlling prices as a result of the disorganized reporting procedures. This case documents the company's two attempts to solve these matters with the execution of an Enterprise Resource Planning system. The organization’s first attempt was unsuccessful.

After a company leader takes the bold step of acknowledging he made mistakes with this effort, Madras is willing to dig in and make the required changes to make its next attempt a success. The case in the beginning seems to be related to software implementation, but it is a story related to the change management, transformation via transparency, business focused approaches, and the development of a new social structure.

The case is really transformation through foil, a story about change management, business centric strategies, as well as the development of a brand new societal structure, although it initially seems to be about software implementation. The business uses innovation to develop new procedures that could finally be put on other organizations, permitting the merger and acquisition procedure to start.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about STRATEGY & EXECUTION

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